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World of Warriors help

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Name of Game:
Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mindcandy.warriors&hl=en_GB
Version: the latest one
What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: looking for the red gems (Wildstones) and cash
Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: Tried cheating, could find any correct values.

I couldnt find any values that corresponded to the values I was searching for. Using freedom got me banned, so I am reinstalling now.

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@VVichaiSomvvana really? You don't want to be helpful by just offering up the guide. That's disgusting. Don't dangle carrots in front of people. Help or don't.


I gave you a warning for self-promotion.

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    • By K4D1U5
      View File Brasfoot Money unlimited
      This is a simple script that add money in the game.
      It's my first script in GG. I hope you read the code and help me to make an awesome hack.
      About the script:
      This starts a fuzzy search, than you have to get a lending, pay the lending and select the add value.
      Video using the script: 
      Submitter K4D1U5 Submitted 08/26/18 Category LUA scripts  
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      Hello, I really need help with my Lua script.
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      Hi GG, can you guys help me? everytime finding the value or address via auto mode, and save it via txt file, when i close the game and reopen it, i load my txt file and the values of the game changes, how can i fix this?
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      if i cheat my game is a normal, i mean no problem,but i kill other player ,, my game auto forces stop, please help me, 
         btw my game Mobile legend bang bang

    • By LouchiZou
      Game: Dungeon Maker (Offline)
      Device: Emulator (Nox)
      So I try to hack the gold and use normal method but I found nothing.
      From here I know that this game need XOR value to cheat on and after we change the value we need to freeze it and restart the game...
      And then I follow this XOR tutorial from GG to edit the value, freeze the value, restart the game, and the value is changed.
      But after that, I found the value, I edit-freeze-restart, but the value won't change anymore, even when I use the same exact way that I use before.
      So I tried my TB app+data before I use the cheat, but nothing change again.
      I already try it again and again, but nothing change, it only work once.
      Thank you for the help!
      and thank you very much for @Enyby to make this wonderful program, but somehow this time I'm kinda confused 😞

      and yes I use GG on tapcounter, and it works, can you guys help me?