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    • By Dasmai
      i started playing this rpg-book-game, everything normal until they put you in a ultra hard fight where you 98% will die, so, you pay or you lose your character, i tried modifying money, stats, i even tried using other apk ( lp ) and it worked, 10 minutes later they knew what i did and blocked my account, the game is this one https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.bookgame.library.bookgamelibrary 
    • By Demonis
      Game name = Puzzle Combat
      Link to GP
      Request for hacking = -Gold- (Add or Freeze)
      note = this game is online, it can be difficult to hack !!
    • By k_k
      Tried many things couldn't figure them out. Diamonds or money is what im mainly looking for.
      play store link
    • By Higari
      Please help, I can't hack RPG games, like XP, money, etc. I've tried to find the value of money, then I subtracted the money, then I looked for the value again, but when the second search didn't appear at all, please help.
    • By Kauer
      So, I've been trying long time to figure out some ways to hack the game. Only value I was able to change was health ingame. Is there anything else that coult be hacked, like damage, loot drop rates, skipping event tasks to get rewards instantly etc. I know that about a year ago it was possible to find damage, attack speed and everything else while searching for health value, but now the damage and erverything else is not visible except health itself.
      Game link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ubisoft.mightyquest
      Previous topic (~1 year ago): 
      The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot (#2frfvbw9)
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