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Small Street - Hex -

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Name of Game: Small Street

Game Version if known: 1.3.1

Name of Cheat: Glu credits

Manual Steps:

1. Make sure you have hex editor.

2. Go into the game Small street and memorise you number of glu creds.

3. Go to hex editor.

4. Go to location: data/data/com.glu.smallstreet/gameinfo.sav

5. Click on that location. Now click your phone menu button and press the 'find' function.

6. Search your number of glu cred. If it is 3 you input number '03'. Your result should be in the row 000000008.

7. Now change your number to ff. This gives you enough creds to last quite a while. Oh! And remember to press save in the menu.

8. Next, move to the right of ff and change it to ff. Then move right again and also change it to ff. Now you got 1.6 mullion you credits that are very hard to use finish!

All hail Glu games!

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Yeah so? It's a hex cheat and can be shared.

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