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How to find offset and use them in game guardian


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✅ Everything about offsets ✅

1. What is offset ? 
It is a distance between something. The distance can be from lib file start + offset (distance)  = value , to reach the final value, it can be distance of a value declared in a class with the start of class, it can be distance between any values.

2. I got offset like "0xFA891CC"  from somewhere. How to use it?
This is probably a method offset. These are the example of method : SetCoins(int coins), NextLevel(), Jump(). Methods are found in code app memory range in game guardian and the structure of them is same every time you open the game. The offset that you have is the distance of method from lib start. It can be confusing for new people to write a script to use them, so i have developed a tool called method patching library. There are around 6 kind of methods and you have to know how to work with each of them. So watch a full playlist here to learn how to hack them all. 

🔗 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrtsCgOk0dQ&list=PLPXJyeG0N6pDpD8_Fu67fCzTpR-QrCOqV

3. How do I find offsets myself?
For that you have to know what is dumping and how to dump a game. After dumping you will get a dump.cs file which can be opened with a text editor. Inside that you can find methods. Watch this video if you don't know about dumping. 


 This video is about felid offset finding (another concept in game hacking) but the dump and offset find process is exactly same.

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Very interesting,  I've read this tutorial for 2nd time & learning alot

Always wondered about offsets

Thx for great tutorial & videos 

Videos with real game applications are excellent for me 

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