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How to find the color value?



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[ @DimoNULL ]
You need to specify what colors you're looking for, is it Shaders or Textures? Also, Shaders depends on Device Architecture (Mali or Snapdragon). Here's how you can find it:

  1. - Shaders are usually consist of RGB values (Red, Green, Blue). Each values is ranged from 1 to 255, example for color Blue : [0, 0, 255]. You can search this values as Float.
  2. - If you're looking for Body Color (changing Player color), you can search for "1" as float, and mess around with it. Usually it is for Unity based game.
  3. - You can change color by Hex value: Hex color. You need to change it before the game reach loading screen.
  4. - For textures, you can't change it's color. You need to edit the texture itself, which will involve editing the in-game files.
  5. - Assuming the game don't have tiled textures, you can change color for any object texture. You need to make the game unload the textures by deleting in-game files or unreferencing it on Memory (before loading screen). The object will turn to purple / pink: No Texture, which then you can find the pink color values and change to anything you want.
  6. - As for shaders, you can also debug your in-game renderer (OpenGL or Vulkan) using: Android GPU Inspector (never tried it) . Also, you can go with Android Emulator route and use: SpecialK or: Ninja Ripper to dump your in-game shaders to help you find color values.

I have given you 6 answers for each scenario. If you have any questions, just ask me.

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