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Hero Making Tycoon


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The game is : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hg.heromaking&hl=en_US

Cheats found : using game guardian I found most of the values are in double, like currency or ressources. But Hero lvl seems to be in dword

Hello everybody, I want to know if someone has a method to unlock hero withou paying money, I triyed a method which is working on a similar game but without any success (trying to find hero lvl and find what "activate them" to unlock others)

IF someone can help me

Luckypatcher is not working on the current version but it work with older one from november 2022 (used it to get forever ad)

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Found myself, it's in dword


There is the id's if found so far


item id :

gems: 2

box :
summon box: 80001
advanced summon box: 80002
super summon box: 80003

dark knight: 40013

flame knight: 40012

hercules: 40011

heart of steel: 40010

potato god of war: 40009

marvel woman: 40008

kiling machin: 40007

gravedigger: 40006

captain potato: 40005

princess: 40004

financial giants: 40003

one eyed soldier: 40002

fresh potatoes: 40001


To find the ID and edit them, just do a group search with the id and quantities of the items in the free pass


Like the first 3 rewards are 100 gems so it convert to 2;100;2;100;2;100 , then do a search for the quantities , so 100, after that just increment all the values you've found and go to the first rewards, all rewards are going up in the addresses so you should see a pattern, it's awlays a free reward > pass reward > free reward etc.

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