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I tried using speedhack in  a game called Dawn of Zombies.

It does not work. I checked the speedhack functions and all were red.

I had previously used speedhack on this game and it had worked fine.

The speedhack is working fine for other apps.

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On 3/14/2023 at 12:09 PM, Hecker25777 said:

Yes...it is Arm64...

Is there another way to make speedhack work?

Hi @Hecker25777 , as I already mention before:

  • - Redownload the Game from APKCombo: Dawn of Zombies: Survival, they have Armeabi-v7a version which it is 32-bit variant of the game. You can later install it using XAPK Installer
  • - Use Virtual Machine such as VPhoneGaGa, it is also 32-Bit Virtual Machine with Arm Emulation. So it's should be fine for SpeedHack.
  • - If it's Unity games (refer to previous comment), you can Instead use AutoSpeedHack finder instead of tirelessly redownloading stuff.
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Hi @Hecker25777, could you verify the following?

  • - Is the game use x64 Architecture? You can check it on /data/app/com.games.name/lib/ folder, if it's Armv8a or Arm64 then it is 64-bit which SpeedHack will not properly works on this Architecture. Try to redownload the game from here: APKCombo and choose Armeabi-v7a or x86 Architecture for 32-bit version of the game.
  • - Can you send us some Game Guardian logs? You can doing this by going to 'Fix it' button and make sure to generate the logs while you're going to enable the SpeedHack inside the game, so the problem can be captured.
  • - What Android version you're running? Newer Android version 12-13 tends to have some problem for SpeedHack. However, there's workaround. If the game has 'libil2cpp.so' or 'libunity.so' you can try to use Unity SpeedHack Script instead of  inbuilt-SpeedHack from Game Guardian.
  • - You might also try X8Speeder to directly modify the Game Speed Hack

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