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Pixel Gun 3D Zoom Hack


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Pixel Gun 3D Zoom Hack

Contact me on discord: User123456789#6424

Youtube demo:

PG3D Zoom Hack Demo - YouTube

This is a simple zoom hack for pixel gun 3d. It lets you zoom in and out. It's not very useful, but it was fun to make and hopefully will be fun to use.

Both the script and the way I found this hack are inspired by @Platonic.

This script was made on a 64bit device for version 22.5.0. I don't know if this will work on version 22.5.1 or on armv7 devices. Please tell me if it does or not!

Sometimes, multiple values are found. If you want only one value to be found, try running the script when the game is around 5-60% loaded.



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