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How it find the value buttom game


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Hi can someone give me a suggestion actually this is not a problem but how to find or search the value on this button

This is image for example


So, in this case, the button I want to find is marked with a red line, what is the first step? 

If anyware dont undertand in case  writer you question

Sorry english me so bad

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15 menit yang lalu, blockx berkata:

apa yang ingin Anda lakukan dengan ini (tombol sembunyikan/retas kerusakan senjata dll?)

apa yang terjadi?

apa itu permainan?

so my goal is to find this button usually if we do a shooting action there will be an animation so I want to change that value to zero as a result this button will lose its shooting function

and this is a free fire game

This my algoritm 

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    • By Beast-chan
      Hey everyone!
      I recently got into arm7 Lib-hacking and its working pretty well  ,but I'm pretty new so there are still many things where I'm pretty unsure so I have a few questions to ask and hope that someone can help me by answer them 
           So basically my process of hacking libs is like this : 
                                                                                                => I dump the game
                                                                                                => find interesting Syntacs
                                                                                                => copy the offset
                                                                                                => copy a big hex-string
                                                                                                => Search in Xa:Code app (Il2cpp) for  the address  (ex. h0A 70 10 ..... E1 ) 
                                                                                                =>edit the addrees and one below the address with a hex value i got out of the internet
                                                                                                                                edit ex. 0A701090r => h0000A0E3
                                                                                                                                             E5000051r => h1EFF2FE1    (trying to set to False or 0)
                   List of hex values I use to edit
                   00 00 A0 E3 1E FF 2F E1 = False or number 0
                   01 00 A0 E3 1E FF 2F E1 = True or number 1
                   02 00 A0 E3 1E FF 2F E1 = Number 2
                   07 00 A0 E3 1E FF 2F E1 = Number 7
                   0A 00 A0 E3 1E FF 2F E1 = Number 10
                   0F 00 A0 E3 1E FF 2F E1 = Number 15
                   10 00 A0 E3 1E FF 2F E1 = Number 16
                   11 00 A0 E3 1E FF 2F E1 = Number 17
                   12 07 80 E3 1E FF 2F E1 = VALUE OF 12 Million or It can be used for health/ammo/armour/damage
                   DC 0F 00 E3 1E FF 2F E1 = VALUE 4060
                   DC OF OF E3 1E FF 2F E1 = VALUE 120000
                   01 00 A0 E3 1E FF 2F E1 = VALUE 1 Also = True used for bool
                   00 00 A0 E3 1E FF 2F E1 = Value 0 Also = False used for bool
                   01 0A A0 E3 1E FF 2F E1 = 1000
                   01 08 A0 E3 1E FF 2F E1 = 10000
                   01 02 A0 E3 1E FF 2F E1 = 10000000
                   C2 0A 64 60 00 00 00 02 = Speed Hack
                   01 04 A0 E3 1E FF 2F E1 = 1000000
                   0E 00 A0 E3 1E FF 2F E1 = Fire Rate
                   FF FF = Value of 65535 = Highest value 4 character hex code
                       true_edit = "20008052r"
                       false_edit = "00008052r"
                       end_bool = "C0035FD6r"

                   So my question here is ,am I doing anything wrong here? Do I need to edit 2 addresses like I do? is there a much efficient way to edit the hex values?
                   How can I search in arm64 hex strings ???
    • By WizRomeo
      Hello guys please I need PUBG KR v1.7 hack with no ban issues please...
    • By Guccianno
      This is the link
      If Game Crash It's Your Problem |
      Click And Comment For More Lua Script
      🤣Funny Free Fire MAX Hack;
      Gameplay With Woodpecker 1.65 (ADVANCED);
      World Record Of This Script 😂
      Watch My Best Gameplay;
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