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school of chaos v10 help


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    • By zyRoxityy

      Chips are server-sided, I tried to change the values, it will appear as if you have successfully changed the values, but the "real" chips are stored on the server, what you're seeing is just fake chips.
      Maybe you can help me find some other exploits in this game? Since I'm not very good at using game guardian I need your help.
    • By Sasageyo
      Alright so there is something called "name tags" and its icon is grey with its name written on it , and there's "vip tokens" and its icon is green with its name also written on it. Both of them are the main currencies of the game. There's also another currency which is "lunch money" , you can see it in the top left corner. All 3 of them is equally important because if you hack one of them you basically hacked all the 3. Now that the important thing is out of the way , there's hp and energy. You can clearly see them in the top left corner too. And last thing , there's something that drops or appears after you kill anybody. It's basically a box that drops items , and the items dropped are random , and also the amount i think is also random. It can drop anything from currencies to items and "rare" craft tools. You can manipulate it to drop only rare craft tools or an insane amount of currencies. Which craft tools are "rare"? Here: Golden tooth , silver tooth , Plush monkey , Calculator. You can also manipulate it to drop an insane amount of any item instead of currencies if it failed. Because if you basically have a million or a billion amount of one item , you can sell it for one of the currencies , which is "lunch money" , and with an insane amount of lunch money , you basically hacked all the 3 currencies. Looking forward to the mods/scripts! that was about everything you need to know to hack the game. I'll be buying the scripts. Try to manage to achieve one of the hacks/mods i mentioned above. Good luck!
    • By CodyInfinity
      Is there a bug because I Put No Root And for some reason They Think No Root Means Actual Rooted device It will be great if someone fixes this.

    • By k_k
      Tried many things couldn't figure them out. Diamonds or money is what im mainly looking for.
      play store link
    • By Kauer
      So, I've been trying long time to figure out some ways to hack the game. Only value I was able to change was health ingame. Is there anything else that coult be hacked, like damage, loot drop rates, skipping event tasks to get rewards instantly etc. I know that about a year ago it was possible to find damage, attack speed and everything else while searching for health value, but now the damage and erverything else is not visible except health itself.
      Game link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ubisoft.mightyquest
      Previous topic (~1 year ago): 
      The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot (#2frfvbw9)
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