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Ragnarok: Labyrinth crashing on value change

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I am doing multiple searched to get my attack by equipping and removing my weapon. Once I am only left with addresses that change to match my attack I try to change them but the game crashes 1-2 seconds after I do. Any ideas?

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Probably a memory editor detection just like soul knight but this time they still let you edit values 😕

try hide game guardian from game levels 1 - 4 play around with them but the higher you go the more the more features will be unusable / disabled like speed hack /  unrandomizer and toast messages will have a dark circle left thats probably prevent unload

you can try prevent unload as well that stops gg from crashing as well

if that does not work then your gonna need some thinking

try to crack things like total damage  or change the value to negitive numbers so when you get positive numbers the value would change  to the negitive number you edited it to but its positive without the game knowing that you used edit all on the value directly 

Questions i need to ask:

1. do you use virtual or root?

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