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SCRIPT : Pool Billiards Pro *New


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SCRIPT : Pool Billiards Pro *New

Hello everyone, I am bringing you the latest script from the Pool Billiard Pro game with even more powerful features

important (READ) !

For the "Online" option it means only to work on online mode! , Offline mode is the same as online, it works in Offline mode is the same as online, it only works in offline mode.

But not for the feature in main menu, it works in all modes!

An explanation of its features

- Magnet Hole

This makes it easier for your ball to enter the hole

- Bug Wall 

Your ball can pop out of the table 

Boost Cue +50 (Online Mode)

Adds power to the stick by 50

- Long line (Online Mode)

Make the lines on the stick long

- Unlock All Level Cue (Online Mode)

This allows you to buy sticks even if you haven't reached the level yet

Arcade 100 Combo (Offline Mode)

Makes you always do 100 combos

High Cue Left

Change your left Cue to 999


Important Again! (READ)

The script in the main menu must be activated in the lobby or before playing

Online mode must also be activated before playing

For offline mode it must be activated while playing, read the tutorial in the script!


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