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Seven Deadly Sins MOD ( damage , one hit )

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There is already a MOD (Damage) but It's not updated so if someone can cheat it and update it weekly please

or learn how to do or update the MOD PLEASE 


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    • By BS_Team_Mods
      I have found a value in Xa (CODE_APP) range, and 
      I want to use this value in C++ code with the help of Memorytools.h (a Chinese Memory editing tool for mobile) 
      Now My question is... 
      How can I do this ?..because the option(Xa) is not available in memorytools.h
      There are list of available items ::
      ...I have used many methods in this case and I have tried all the ranges but none of them are working,,,also I have tried DWORD and FLOAT both data Type.. 
      So,, please help Me.. Thanks in advanced 
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      Someone please help me! The files dont work! After I download them NOTHING happens. I have to go to files and open them and then THERES NOTHING INSIDE OF THEM AT ALL!!!  Theres just an empty thing that says GameGuardian. 100.0 THATS ALL THERE IS i cant click on it or use it, or import to chrome! ITS USELESS FOR ME! I TRYED HARD AND DELEATED THEM EVERY TIME I TRYED AGIN BUT IT DOSNT WORKK. I have no idea why this keeps happening! I have one of the latest ipad air! I also tryed on my iphone 5! HELP PLEASEEE!!!!  Thank you to WHOEVER helps me solve this problem.  
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      I already have the car IDs, but none of the hacking methods are working in version 5.4.0o of the game, or would it be my mistake? 
      For example Trion Nemesis 131;5;5;5;5:17 ( or ::17 ) not worked for me. The new method I see here doesn't work as well.
      Also, I would like to know if if I hack a Hidden Car that cost credits, will I be banned?
      My attempts would be through replacing the ID (classic method) or through Mastery (replacing the reward for the car), but none of the methods worked for me ( The Mastery tutorial here on the forum is the old one) 
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      `end` ')' expected (to close '(' at line 15) near 'end'  could someone give me an example of this in text so i understand ive tried to do it and nothing worked.
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