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Townsmen v1.3.0 PLZ HELP!

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I recently used freedom to hack the prestige crowns in this game. It worked with no problems. Now I recently flashed a new rom onto my phone and Google backed up this game but never backs up the p-crowns (prestige crowns). So all i did was just use freedom over and over again. Here is the problem. They just made a update were it will save your data ex. P-crowns, well when I flashed the new rom I never did the freedom purchases. Now I updated the game and freedom doesn't work. Can some one plz help me figure out how to hack it.

I've tried downloading previous versions but then Google play store won't recognize the game and allow the update. in turn I don't won't to log in and have it save progress without alot of freedom purchases made. Any help would be awesome.

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