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Kaion Tale

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    • By Victorxxnukes
      Hi everyone that reads this forum so i was finding values in a game amd everything went so far off to searching addresses and The rest of the script but when i execute a button i get a problem. Must call gg.getResults( ) before gg.editAll( ) 
      I did that in the screenshot below but idk whats going on with it. Is there a problem with it? 
      //Basically what i did was search the weapon then goto the address and saw some Boolean floats that are zero but if edited to one then gives you a gun or infinite ammo, coded the script and wrote everything but got the error must call gg get results before editing 

    • By Farmeriscool
      Hello I've encountered an issue while trying to make a script 
      So I want to be able to get the values inbetween the address viewer
      (Imagine this as the address viewer)
      Val1 = "481"
      Val 2 = "235" (keeps changing every match)
      Val 3 = "0.0"
      Now I want to get the value inbetween val 1 and val 3 but how would I get that number with code without knowing it?
    • By xXAnonymousGamerXx
      Anyone know how do i type reset memory ranges                              
      Do i type it like this? 
      Am i right?
      Or no 
      What should i type?
    • By Victorhyd
      Does someone can hack a mmorpg? It seems Very easy but i cant understand nothing from scripts/hacks /, the name of game is mystera legacy, someone can help me please?
    • By Strikesblue
      I'm having some issues with the xor values for example when I input 25 go to xor too see what it is and it says 25=25when it's supposed to be 25=785,621 another example is lets say i put 100 and I go to xor values it still says that xor is = to 25 
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