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Is anyone really know how to bypass online gameplay?

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Is anyone really know how to bypass online gameplay? and if anyone knows please respond i just stuck at that point with my script so if u helped me i will definitely add your name as credit on the top i promise u that...and maybe for all the scripts i will make after that....

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    • By Flavi999
      Hi everyone, so there is this game called the Mighty quest for epic loot and i ***** love that game but you have to spend a lot of money to get good. So my question is can someone help me hack it through game Guardian of make a lua script for it (like damage muliplayer of healt). And it is possible to hack it cause there is this app called blackmart and you can download the game with a mod menu for unlimited damage and health
    • By callmedenver
      After seeing that many of the people who tried out my hack at 
      Standoff 2 skin hack by denver (#2b381pw2)
      didn't know how to bypass the anticheat i made this mini tutorial
      1. Have virtual xposed installed
      2. Have these modules installed:
                a. fakeGapps-by microG, creates a fake app signature
                b. Kit SO2 hider-by autoskillz/ruit, even tho it was made to hide the autoskillz hack it also hides other programs such as game guardian
               c. Kitten hider-by autoskillz/ruit, Works like the module mentioned above but it hides the virtual space and removes the rpxexception error
      If it doesn't work let me know
    • By AkaPha
      Game: Aurcus Online
      Problem: Can't bypass
      Anticheat: Xigncode
      I can't seem to bypass Aurcus Online's Cheat Detection. It crashes before getting into character select. I know this game is server-sided, but it is possible to mod the values. I have bypassed Aurcus Online a year ago. But now it seems like they updated the anticheat. But I know for a fact that it is still possible to bypass. As I've seen some hackers showing off or secretly farming on the hardest boss.
      I've tried various methods  but it i still cant seem to bypass it. I tried adding every keyword I can think of in Rootcloak, Ive tried changing the xposed installer directory. Ive tried using sudohide and minminhide. Ive tried using Xprivacy(This method worked before, it also worked in avabel by restricting Shell> Su and Sh, System> GetrunningAppprocess GetApplicstion,Getinstalled,GetProviders,QueryIntentServices,QueryServices)
      But it doesnt work. 
      I dont know of any other methods to bypass this game, can anyone help me?
    • By SHD2512
      Hello Guys
      Hello Guys Welcome to my first tutorial.
      Today I will share source code blocking sstool.
      * And this is the source code
      function SHD () local NN = {} local N = {} N.N = {} N.NNN = NN.G () N.NNN = N.NNN: G () N.N [T] = N [G] end
      Use in the top, middle and bottom row.
      That's all the tutorial from me.
      See you again.
      If you still don't understand, ask on my telegram
    • By Manisho08b
      Real cricket 19 mps hack /cheat increase script for gg apps with location 
      Reply pls
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