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pls help decrypt this lua script file

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hello good afternoon I wanted to know if you can help me decrypt this file pls




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    • By RikiVeron
      gg.searchNumber("256;100F;30F::65", 4, false, 536870912, 0, -1)
      gg.searchNumber("256", 4, false, 536870912, 0, -1)
      gg.setValues({ -- table(f0daf39)
          [1] = { -- table(34d297e)
              ['address'] = 0xabf68a54,
              ['flags'] = 4, -- gg.TYPE_DWORD
              ['value'] = 1,
      gg.addListItems({ -- table(ff33edf)
          [1] = { -- table(733e72c)
              ['address'] = 0xabf68a54,
              ['flags'] = 4, -- gg.TYPE_DWORD
              ['freeze'] = true,
              ['value'] = 1,
          [2] = { -- table(99105f5)
              ['address'] = 0xabf68a60,
              ['flags'] = 4, -- gg.TYPE_DWORD
              ['freeze'] = true,
              ['value'] = 0,
      PM me= rikiveron44@gmail.com
      Because i rarely online in game guardian forum. Thanks
      Please help me...
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      Not run in virtual app
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      Banned My Device Plz New Script   
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      How to find the value for activating the antenna hack in free fire and into what value should I change the dword value into to activate the antenna hack
    • By MilkyGT
      To be honest im just newbie here and idk why i cant upload file .lua so here is the link
      ** http://www.mediafire.com/file/lcs4smlqcjn8g12/FixThisPlsss.lua/file **
      this file was encrypted by revo 5.2 
      i rlly dont know how to fix this i need it so bad i tried make my own almost done like 60% i just need some command to fix my script
      Can anyone decrypt this,? 
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