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pls help decrypt this lua script file

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hello good afternoon I wanted to know if you can help me decrypt this file pls




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    • By Drok
      my link game https://apkpure.com/vn/secret-tower-500f-super-fast-growing-idle-rpg/me.nextdoors.tower
      I remember about a few years ago, I hacked gold, its gem was successful, but now I can't remember what I did to hack it.
    • By STDeveloper
      Oh Hi All...
      This is my First Topic and I'll share a load Blocker Code
      This code when you want to load will Download too many files with 1gb giles so + tar
      It can be baypassed But Not By Noobs
      You can put in your enc:
      for i = 1, 0 do
      local XT = {}
      if XT ~= XT then
      XT.nes = XT.bnes()
      XT = nil
      for i = 1, 5 do load("-- 🐲Welcome to the hell") end
      for i = 40, 96 do loadfile("/system/priv-app/Settings/Settings.apk") end
      So that was a code i wish it will be useful for you🙃
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      Hello everyone, I got an error in the last version of free fire ( 1.46.3 ) executing a lua scripts(mod menu) 
      can somebody get me a working one? 
      Using ROOTED device. 
    • By RevealedSoulEven
      How can i decrypt this file??
      It creates infinity loop in all decrypting apps?
    • By RikiVeron
      gg.searchNumber("256;100F;30F::65", 4, false, 536870912, 0, -1)
      gg.searchNumber("256", 4, false, 536870912, 0, -1)
      gg.setValues({ -- table(f0daf39)
          [1] = { -- table(34d297e)
              ['address'] = 0xabf68a54,
              ['flags'] = 4, -- gg.TYPE_DWORD
              ['value'] = 1,
      gg.addListItems({ -- table(ff33edf)
          [1] = { -- table(733e72c)
              ['address'] = 0xabf68a54,
              ['flags'] = 4, -- gg.TYPE_DWORD
              ['freeze'] = true,
              ['value'] = 1,
          [2] = { -- table(99105f5)
              ['address'] = 0xabf68a60,
              ['flags'] = 4, -- gg.TYPE_DWORD
              ['freeze'] = true,
              ['value'] = 0,
      PM me= rikiveron44@gmail.com
      Because i rarely online in game guardian forum. Thanks
      Please help me...
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