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Memory Regions and Fuzzy Search Issue

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I don't have any idea how memory regions works, but as far as I know if I want to hack the game - best way is REGION_CODE_APP. If there way, may someone explain how i may use regions?

And i have a real big deal with fuzzy search. I'm trying to find health (the game I'm hacking is Hide.io) and fuzzy is a best thing for it. BUT. It stops like on 18K results and there is a wonderful situation. When I lose or gain a heart I just press "Changed" or "Not Changed" and it breaks my mind. Doesn't matter what I'm doing in the game, but the count of results stay constant. It looks like game is predicting the button that i want to press in GG. It doesn't matter what I choose (Increased, Decreased etc). How could it be?

And is there way to find values, that are always constant, but i don't know how they looks.

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    • By Stelove
      Please can somebody tell me how to hack z shelter wasted land ? I've tried to watch on YouTube, but it didn't work. Once I tried it again, I search for the value, but it make my game crash (hang), could you please help me ?
      Sorry for my bad english.
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      I want a script that supports hide.io 24.1.1
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    • By ShawnInAFranxxx
      So I figured out how to edit my coin value  for Aucurus Online MMORPG at first everything worked here's what  I did::::::
      Scan the amount of Coin 
      800,500 coin for example 
      Use some coin buying potion in the General store:100 coin  cost
      Then After Scan Edit Value  of 800500
      To 800400
      Refine search 
      Use some coin buying potion again  800400 .   Edit Adress to  800300
      Find all Values Matching  Coin
      Remove all the rest  of the  non matched
      Edit addresses of to Max Number. save it
      Buy Something with Coin..and it sets to whatever number  between  1-2billion
      Now ever since  I did it the first  time here's the problem everything works except it says insufficient  funds when I try to do buy anything but  I have 2billion  coin...did I do something wrong..?
      Also can anyone write up how to change levels like EXP XP ect.
      I tried this 
      Start Game
      Open Game Guardian 
      Select Memory Ranges
      Uncheck JH JAVA HEAP 
      Uncheck  Chi C++HEAP
      Uncheck Ca C++ alloc 
      Uncheck Cd C++data
      Uncheck Cb ++bss 
      Uncheck PS:PPSSPP
      keep A: Anonymous  Checked 
      Fuzzy Search  /Select Data Type:Double
      GET XP EXP 
      Open Game Guardian 
      How has the Value changed 
      More button 
      Difference= EXP earned from monster 
      Example 80.0
      Select N=O+D
      Collect  more EXP  XP  Earned from a  monster 
      Check Value Changes 
      Edit address as Double =Value Change 
      Goto the box =
      I wrote this all down on my dictionary so bare with me lol
      Select the 2 values the value above and below the yellow highlighted value 
      Edit 2 addresses as D-word 
      The Value Replace a Number Higher Example :1,098,988 change to 1,198,988
      Collect more EXP..EXP Changes to Max 
      I tried everything to get it to work on different  games  I'm finding more and more games and I'm getting  more and more tech savy wizard 
      I just wanna know if there's anything I'm doing wrong I tested this  process on games like Aucurus Online  MMORPG Sword Fantasy Works and others like it probably  if yah can help find a level changer plz
      Thanks 🙂 pleaseput our brains together  not mine but 0.o someone -,0 Enby lol 
      Enby is like pewdiepie 
      Pewdiepie =the face of YouTube 
      Enby =the face of Game Guardian lol
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      Very difficult hide.io cheat I've been searching for this script for 2 months now....
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      NEW VER1.3
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