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Making Scripts with custom encrypted Strings


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Making Scripts with custom encrypted Strings

This is not script encryption tool.I have tried to share a method for making Scripts more secure by writing it with encrypted strings.

The files that I have shared here are just a basic example to show how it is applies.

StringsCompiler.lua is used to encrypt/convert your original script codes to other encrypted codes and then it is put in main script.

So by this way it acts as a secondary protection for your main Script , even if the first protection.i.e., it's encryption is cracked.Still it becomes useless to the decrypter because the original codes are already encrypted.

Ofcourse , I have shared the files for only single strings/alphabets. But I did it for the purpose of sharing the idea and also , to make it easily understandable for everyone.Watch the full video and notice the last script that I showed, I made it completely by using this idea.

You can use the idea to make your own custom Strings Compiler and your main script according to your needs.

There is always a room of improving everything .

If you get any doubt with the files or can't understand the video , you can ask here.




Credits - @ItsSC for Guidance.







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