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Help changing value in Offline game

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Need help changing the Energy value on Voxel Monsters. I am able to find the value (byte) but i cant change nor freeze it.

Tried to use the encrypted search, no results. Anyone can help?

As far as i know it is an offline game and free to play (available on playstore, 20MB size).

Any help would be much appreciated. I only need to be able to freely change the energy value (if it's possible), or just freeze the value so it wont decrease. Thank you in advance.

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Posted (edited)

i find 3 values the 1 is correct search the other 2 is diferent appear try search value 1 real in region anonimus in dworg and get down like the screen to find the other 2 values but try big values because the




     values not same the 2 and 3 only the 1, see this screen 451443755_SemTtulo.thumb.png.a0080ee1371ba0aaef8cc5258ea7b303.png edit the value 99999 not same screen because i changed when i take the scrren but the 1 value put correct value because the left foto is mistake value scrren 1 lol but i think uou understand, edit2 if you edit like step by 2 adreess down you will find the other values example HP and the other but not normal values try big values dword, the other scrren show values changed, go down 2 steps and change the others by 2 steps adresses


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