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how to hack game alter dogma

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    • By Maochi
      It is Posible to edit the memory of Rage Realm? i'll try all . but didn't change the value. what do you think?
    • By Oteep
      I use the emulator bluestacks, I have root in it (I had to doroot, because without it the game Guardian did not find thegame process). 

      Whenever I used the virtualspace (or similar) the GG did notfind the process 
    • By Gwaping
      Good day again to all the people here in this awesome forum!
      As you can see from the title, I need help hacking the game. Character level, in-game currencies such as souls, gems and the like are easy to hack. However, I'm having a hard time looking for the item codes of COSTUME SETS. Maybe I'm doing it wrong or there's another way that I don't know how to. Thank you!
      Looking forward for your tutorials onhow to hack the game. I'd also like to inform that the game is offline and I'm on latest version. Thanks!
      Here's the link of the game:
    • By Oteep
      Whenever I will inject the script in  "Free fire " I have this error (Note: I use the emulator bluestacks)

    • By TopGEOYT
      Hello Guys .
      There Was Many Questions About How To Add End Date For Script .
      It Is Very Easy . Just Follow This Simple Codes :
      Date = "20190316"--Type Here Your Script End Date .
      date = os.date("%Y%m%d")
      if date >= Date then
        print([[⚠ SCRIPT EXPIRED ⚠
        -- Type Your Script Codes Bellow and If Script Isn't Expired Then Script Will Run. 
      Date Ender.lua
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