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How can i hack games with IDA Pro

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how can i use ida pro to hack games like free fire and how to download hxd tools?

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Posted (edited)
37 minutes ago, RevealedSoulEven said:

How can i use it?

you can use it only  if you know how to use IDA to reverse lib.so files. lib filescontain game logic and you can open lib files using IDA nd make  desire changes you can look for address which is to be changed inIDA.  And then loading same lib in Hex editor for making some changes or modding games. 

learn about ARM Instruction set first.



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    • By Un_Known
      I will Post guides here About how to mod :
      Unlimited Coins 
      Unlimited Diamonds
      Get Unlimited Fuel
      Unlock All Worlds
      Unlock All Vehicles
      Remove ads 
      All vehicles Full upgraded!
      All guides would be posted here so stay tuned
      I won't start from scratch
      Basic Knowledge About Using IDA 
      Basics knowledge of ARM instruction set
      Apk signing and libgame.so extraction and putting modified libgame.so into apk.
      Hex editor!
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      I found a value in Game located at  libgame.so + 0x8AE13.
      But when I would open lib in IDA what should be base address to which I have to add this offset to find that value?
      would it be 0000000 OR something else
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      While lib files on android can be analysed statically very easily but dynamic lib debugging is also another option to get to know what is happening during runtime.
      When static analysis may take up alot of time dynamic analysis is always a better option!
      So how to debug libs?
      lib files are not independent they need a running process to be debugged.
      Let's Start:
      IDA PRO
      Rooted Device
      USB cable
      Note: Enable usb debugging
      And don't select Filetransfer mode select PTP mode otherwise device won't be listed by ADB
      Google if you don't Know how to Connect  to PC using ADB
      Load lib in IDA PRO first which is to be analysed.
      Now connect your device to PC over ADB 
      Go to IDA PRO installation directory and from folder dbgsrv copy file android_server to adb folder
      And execute following commands:
      adb devices  [To make sure device is connected ]
      adb push android_server /local/data/tmp
      adb shell
      cd /data/local/tmp
      ll [To Get list of files incurrent  directory]
      chmod 755 android_server 
      Minimizethe windows where android_server is running and open a new command prompt window and run following command:
      adb forward tcp:23946 tcp:23946
      select the "Remote ARM Linux/Android debugger", go into "ProcessOptions" in the debugger menu, and set the hostname to localhost.And port : 23946
      Now Run the apk on your device from which this lib was extracted!
      And In IDA go to:
      Debugger menu Choose attach to process and from list of processes select the process of your apk.
      Any correction and suggetion would be welcomed!
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      Can somebody explain following post indexing example from ARM 
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      LDR  r0, [r1] ,r2,  lsl#3
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      Here dword_36BD38 is uninitialized variable in .bss section
      LDR       R3, =(dword_36BD38 - 0x19D86C) 
      ADD      R3, PC, R3  ; dword_36BD38
      CMP      R0, #0
      STR       R0, [R3]
      MOVLT   R2, #0x7FFFFFFF
      STRLT     R2, [R3]
      I have a little idea what's happening here but couldn't understand whole logic!
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