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      How to encyrpt script in attachmen.i can see gg.edit after deencyrpt.help me pleasss

    • By KingHacker_Channel
      Hit the button subcribe,like and comment
      Channel: KingHacker Gaming
      _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later 😢 sub me 
    • By laolw
      Hi everyone,
      I would like to create a script that modifies a value string/text that I have pre-selected,  I mean when i start the script, i want that it does that :
      Find   string/text  '_dead'
      Replace the first 100 results by string/text 'relife'
      Its an example of god mod for a game, and i know that i can search string and replace it with this script : 
      Text (string, HEX, AoB) search/replace (#6a821ivq) But i want to create a script who can search and change this value, without that I have nothing to do, just by running the script.
      So can you help me? Because i think its very easy when you know a little bit coding, but i start yesterday so I am worse than a newbie haha, Thanks.