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Help ... Hawk Freedom Squadron

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I try to hack , this game (an old game and hacked before by sir @NoFear) . Can anyone help me ??? I found the value , but don't know how to change it ... I am new user/nob (never use any cheat engine before).

B14425C0 and B14425C4 , always there whenever i change the search and refine it ...

Hope someone can help me to teach how can i change the value .

Thank you ...



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    • By DrBesar1234566
      Help me,i want to know what the right command for this.
      1) i search -3,219,128,320 Qword
      2) Get about 4 results
      3)The cheat will work if i edit 2 code 
         -the -3,219,128,320Q itself
         -and 1 adress inside the -3,219,128,320Q
      4)The 1 adresses always be the same value never changed at all,even restart game.

      5)The 1 adresses is 512D;7.17464814e-43F;512Q
      6)editing 7.17464814e-43F > 1,4160822e-46F and -3219128320 > -3146121216
      What command is suitable for this issue ,I want only use Qword search without fuzzy search.
    • By DrBesar1234566
      Help me,the t[2] value didn't freeze at all.How to do the right command without freezing the t[1] value in the save list.Thank You
      function PLANT() local t = gg.getListItems() for i, v in ipairs(t) do t[1].value = "-10" t[2].value = "1,056,964,608" t[2].freeze = true end gg.setValues(t) end  
    • By malekpw
      I try to create a script, but I don't know how to make the value encrypted in scripts. 
      I think it's
      gg.searchEncryptedNumber ( '10' , TYPE_DWORD) 
      gg.refineEncryptedNumber ( '11' , TYPE_DWORD)
      Am I right?
    • By MAARS
      Hi everyone i am trying to concatenate the value from prompt input with a group search but it is not working, if someone can help me it will be great.
      M = gg.prompt({ "TYPE AMOUNT HERE"}, {0},{'number'}) s = M[1]..";327691;24;~26::9" gg.searchNumber(s, gg.TYPE_DWORD)  
    • By Z4a
      Hack neomall new version
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