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Name of Requested File:  Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD

Link To Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.babeltimeus.legendstd&hl=en

Comments: Is there anyway to get gems for Realm Defense, am unable to get it to work.,changing the values of the elixir to -XXXX crashes the game. that used to be the working method.

So basically if you have or know anyway to hack this game please share.



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Does this method here work for anyone? for me the store doesn't close so cant reopen it. not sure if it's a phone problem or something. the download link for the old version is on the description. you can read the idea in the description since the video is on Russian.


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Yes, this is still currently working. I uninstalled the current version and installed the one specified in the video. Here is the method I used:

 I did a text search for 8500, which then displayed 20 results in Byte data. I then edited each value individually and checked in-game to see which was responsible for the gem cost. Once located(5th result - value of 56), I reduced the value by 1 until the gem cost showed -500. The final value ended up being 45. I couldn't work out how to get -99999 or anything near that. So I rapidly tapped -500 which then allowed me to get 500 gems and 10,000 elixir simultaneously. I then backed up my profile, restarted the old version again and updated to the current version from the launch screen, succesfully with all gems and elixir still in tact. 

I hope this helps 🙂


P.S. In the screenshot, you'll notice decimals in the gem total. This resulted from tweaking other values associated with the address, which changed the gem cost to a decimal cost but not a negative.


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I wrote a small free & opensource tool to add gems to your account and edit your game save. More options will be added over time: https://github.com/xplodwild/realmdefensecheat

Hope this helps!

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