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  1. I went upto 290k for technical books, No idea what's the cap for ban
  2. Yeah everything in the normal inventory is X8, just normal search and refine
  3. You should share your discord in private message, since you use the same ID on the official evil Hunter tycoon discord. and NoFear mentioned that he suspects devs lurked on the old thread. Won't be surprised if they are following this as well.
  4. Keep progressing and upgrading your town hall and you will eventually unlock it, aside that you can increase the maximum/reduce consumption of their Mood,Satiety and stamina via secret tech books. don't sweat it too much. later you will forget about it. since you don't have fountain of life you're still early game am guessing. later when you unlock 3rd class. one of your rangers make him Minstrel. and he will rejuvenate HP,Satiety & mood to nearby hunters. (message me if you have questions, since we're entering the domain of gameplay instead of hacking lol)
  5. Did it with HP, it is X8 (I couldn't change the maximum oddly, so it was something like 9999/999 lol) I couldn't test for mood,stamina hunger because mine are too low so lots of results. and too lazy to test so just did with hp XD
  6. Uhm I suspect it's possible since you can hack ATK/DEF like what @sammax71did. So you can try hacking it like ATK/DEF, but I personally had no issue with it. did you get the -50% consumption from the Fountain of life building?
  7. Ok that is awesome indeed, sucks that you got banned though . if you ever attempt it again maybe if you leave it within the bounds fo max possible stats might not trigger a ban.
  8. very impressive, this will be frecking insane esp with knowing the correct max values. One can put max for all the 3 stats and no one will ever know they were hacked. do the stat stick forever or do they reset with each login? if you can manage to do it again please let us know how you did it
  9. better to hack the shadow souls it's same way you do exp, just do it before you choose a class. if you already did just reset hunter class. because it takes about ~85million shadow souls for max skill. using boxes is soooooo slow. it takes almost 300 boxes for each hunter to max.
  10. No video but it's basically how you get hack any of the items in special inventory tab. I'll try and explain as simply as possible PVP battle WON +1 token Search 1x4 & <1000000000 PVP battle WON +1 token Refine 2x4 & <1000000000 PVP battle WON +1 token 3x4 & <1000000000 Results: 2222222222 3333333333 4444444444 Now you just check them 1 by 1 For 2222222222 10x4 (Check inventory see if tokens change) If not revert it back For 3333333333 10x4 (Check inventory see if tokens change) If not revert it back For 4444444444 10x4 (Check inventory see if tokens change) If not revert is back (Basically exact same way you hacked everything else in special inventory, since the tokens go there when you win the PVP battle, Biggest advice is to make sure your team is strong to win most fights since you can ONLY do 20/day)
  11. I managed to hack both seals and buy everything in the pvp tab, just do 2v2 to get the pieces in your inventory then just hack them edit:use @sammax71 >1000000000 method to narrow down the search but don't do below <2000000000 because they can be bigger than that. remember you only have a chance to get them when you win a pvp battle and you can only do 20daily. ( In search refining they always go down to 3 then change them 1by1 to find the correct one) "If you lose a lot you might not get any btw, based on my single and bad assumptions I'd say it has 30% drop rate for a seal on a win". maybe you can find accurate droprate% on google I couldn't"
  12. Click on the hunters the you like on the waiting list, and in the top right click on "1st". and they will move to the top of the waiting list. their stats mostly differ based on their names, for instance man of steel is 10% DEF, Strong is 10%ATK. there are also negative characteristics. you can google hunter characteristics for the full list. You can also just banish some few legendaries and then make your own Legendaries or even Ultimate hunters using the awakening crystal in your special tab.
  13. edit: what @sammax71said, only saw his msg after I posted and can't delete msgs here. my bad
  14. If you were top 3 you were probably going to get banned anyway lol btw the victory medal discovery is AWESOME! can you explain it more on how to find it.
  15. Do the front yard portal for runes, dismantle the runes for rune powder. X8 btw
  16. here a media fire link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/b1kr4q5ubmhbcjl/Screen_Recording_20211006-192957_Evil_Hunter_Tycoon.mp4/file
  17. I'm not sure if browser specific, but if you're using google chrome you can right click it and save video as. it downloaded and played fine for me doing that.
  18. I have no idea how I just saw this now.... Yeah you can upgrade items to ultimate (the highest tier) via an Ultimate Quality Scroll the other method is using gems but that is random. so scroll is much better also another upgrade aside the quality is the circles below the weapon/armor picture. but that the mats are from journeys and are so far the most time consuming, and no one able to hack anything related to it Nope nobody can see how many hunters you got or anything related to your town afaik, they only see the hunter that you register to guild. you can change what hunter is registered at anytime. that hunter will join other guild members when they do the Darkness Portal: Guild Raid: The Molar. That hunter can also be inspected by anyone in guild, they can see his Equipments, traits and everything./same thing with hunters in PVP can be inspected and there is also a report button at pvp fights.
  19. Ok I done goofed and awaiting my ban , thought I was being clever by chilling at the base waiting for timer to run before I 1kill the raid boss. the fking guild hunters went in and 1shot it.....so yeah fking hell now am at the record time of 0.01! so yeah don't do what I did.... Yup all of them can be hacked they are all X4 except the rune powder is X8
  20. I think I kinda get it? when I changed it to 0x8 the value there was almost exactly what I spent total since then but in negative -46mil, so the actual value is that +(negative value) I think. I even tested it by adjusting the value to 20,000,000x8 but in game it ended up being -16mil lol. so yea the easiest solution is to reset class which I should of thought of before banishing an innocent hunter lmao. and yeah resetting a hunt and you can search for it X8 properly. but you can only change it before class chosen without headache. so I advise giving urself 90,000,000 which is just enough for class skill to max. Total needed is sbout 85mil.
  21. ***** hell IT WORKS! only BEFORE choosing class. Is it possible to use this information to find how to find values for others who changed class already? Dword 1,345,357,408 = 9,172,485 Shadow Souls
  22. lmao no wonder u keep getting banned every other day , I didn't even consider trying that. lol now am thinking of all the possibilities of a 40man hunter guild raid. 20 more minutes and the peons are coming from journey to get banished, yea just abit more and I'll be able to see if it works before class evolution
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