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how to search prices in "US"

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1661174646_Capturadepantalla(3).png.cd36cc0f7d8499b4ffcb18ad23ab6490.pnghow to search the prices in "US" example: "1.39", "10.50"

someone who can teach me how to find those numbers in game guardian?


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I already found the solution on my own! Thank you as well...

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    • By Urufgio
      I'm wondering if anyone could help me in hacking Star Nomad 2? I've read a thread to find the money value. I've tried to hack other value (XP, Ship Hull/shield/energy, Skill Points, Factions standing) besides the market price to no avail. Not even one value can be found using the normal or encrypted search. Are those values unhackable?
      It is a paid app, offline game. Horrible UI (fine for me, lol)
      Hope someone can help me find other value, especially the Skill Points.
    • By deathangel112233
      Hi everyone, I created this thread in order to share those code, values of items in game Last day on earth so that we can do the change values stuff. Many thanks for anyone sharing
      This is the item code for season 7 as far as I know now
      medical_mask heavy_raiders_blade (Splash) raider_hat_elite 16;6357106;6553705;7471205;6815839;7602273;6619231;6881388;6619252:33 raider_shirt_elite 18;6357106;6553705;7471205;7536735;6881384;7602290;6619231;6881388;6619252:37 raider_pants_elite 18;6357106;6553705;7471205;7340127;7209057;7536756;6619231;6881388;6619252:37 raider_boots_elite 18;6357106;6553705;7471205;6422623;7274607;7536756;6619231;6881388;6619252:37 season_07_biker_gacha_week_1 (club member box) 28;6619251;7536737;7209071;3145823;6225975;6881378;6619243;6226034;6357095;6815843;6226017;6619255;7012453;3211359:57 season_07_biker_gacha_week_2 (club treasure box) 28;6619251;7536737;7209071;3145823;6225975;6881378;6619243;6226034;6357095;6815843;6226017;6619255;7012453;3276895:57 season_07_biker_gacha_week_3 (club captain box) 28;6619251;7536737;7209071;3145823;6225975;6881378;6619243;6226034;6357095;6815843;6226017;6619255;7012453;3342431:57 biker_patch 13;6881378;6619243;6226034;6357104;6488180;6226024;49::29 biker_patch_2 13;6881378;6619243;6226034;6357104;6488180;6226024;50::29 biker_patch_3 13;6881378;6619243;6226034;6357104;6488180;6226024;51::29  
    • By tathanhdong
      Does anyone have the ".lua" 1.16.5 version?
    • By ItsSC
      NOTE: Script cannot be executed on Vmos. Use Parallel Space or VirtualXposed instead. The reason launcher is used is because the file size of original file exceeded Game Guardian's Forum limit size.
      1. Switch Packages (Do not use to switch fish dishes)
      2. Empty Can Hack 
      3. Customize Weapon's Damage
      4. Dog Damage Hack
      5. Customize Character Stats
      6. Customize Character
      7. Character level Hack
      8. Season Premium Hack
      9. Dog Instant growth

      Empty Can Hack Menu
      1. Pets 
      2. Buildings
      3. Materials
      4 .Equipments
      5. Pattern
      6. Foods 
      7. Weapons
      8. Blueprints
      9. Fish
      10. Seasons
      11. ATV
      12. Chopper
      Customize Stats Menu
      1. Movement
      2. Attack speed
      3. Gathering speed
      4. Armor
      5. Health
      6. Never Thirsty
      7. Never Hungry
      8. Never Defecate
      9. Always Clean
      Customize Character Menu
      1. Gender
      2. Hair Color
      3. Hairstyle
      4. Skin Color 
      5. Beard
      Season Premium Menu
      1. Season premium unlock (ONLY FOR SEASON 7)
      2. Maximize season level (ONLY FOR SEASON 7)
    • By Muiss
      I managed to hack a coin using a game guardian ... but how come it can't be used. Until one minute, the game application error ... Then the coin disappears when the game application is error ... please help ...
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