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  1. haha yes, I should study and create my own encrypter
  2. You're right, but I don't see that as a problem besides that most know
  3. But it also works for pickup, and I have no problem
  4. I thought you knew that, it's something so basic, even doing that, after buying the gasoline, you make it infinite and then you change it for a pack and that's it. 999999999 packs
  5. It is complicated and more when I do not speak English, but basically, you should look for a box that or item that is in the mailbox and then look at the addresses nearby looking for pointers until you find that pack
  6. If you still have the savings pack available in the mailbox, could you pass me your data to find your code?
  7. yes, in fact the codes I take them out of x32 and they are perfect for x64 and x86, what changes is the offset just
  8. 15;6,619,250;7,274,611;7,471,221;6,619,235;7,471,199;6,422,645;6,619,234;114:33
  9. Hi bro, I used your template to create an automatic script, but I am failing to hide the menu after the first time, I leave you a quick video and the script so you can help me 2019-11-18_22-28-06 (2) .mp4 [added 0 minutes later] --Local's Setup --Add GG Calls Here local Choice = gg.choice local Toast = gg.toast local IsVisible = gg.isVisible local SetVisible = gg.setVisible local Sleep = gg.sleep --The Toggle local Toggle = 1 local On = "On" local Off = "Off" --Hide/Show if IsVisible(true) then SetVisible(false) end --MENU function ToggleMenu() Menu = Choice({ "Run", "ITEM 1", "ITEM 2", "Hide Menu" }, nil, "Zedmerlol") if menu == 1 then one() end if menu == 2 then item1() end if menu == 3 then item2() end if menu == 4 then hide() end end Toggle =-1 function one() gg.clearList() gg.clearResults() --gg.setVisible(false) gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_ANONYMOUS) gg.searchNumber("471,221;6,619,235;6,684,767;6,422,633;7,471,205",gg.TYPE_DWORD) gg.searchNumber("471", gg.TYPE_DWORD) t1 = gg.getResults(1000) gg.addListItems(t1) if not t1[1] then print("Error 1") gg.toast("Error 1") os.exit() end gg.clearResults() for a,b in pairs(t1)do gg.searchNumber(t1[a].address - 8,gg.TYPE_DWORD) t2 = gg.getResults(1000) if not t2[30] then gg.clearResults() else gg.clearResults() --gg.addListItems(t2) break end end gg.toast("Carga Finalizada") end --Loads Menu ToggleMenu() function hide() if IsVisible(true) then SetVisible(false) Toggle = 1 end Sleep(100) end --Enables Show/Hide while true do if IsVisible(true) then SetVisible(false) Toggle = 1 end Sleep(100) if Toggle == 1 then ToggleMenu() end end
  10. how to call the menu after a search using function () My script after a search, ends, I want to return to the menu. and how do I make a button to hide the menu pls help me >.<
  11. Zedgmer

    Call menu

    Can someone tell me the ways to call the menu after a search? my script ends after the search and I want it to open the menu but I can't get it to do that
  12. could you find the "Flower in a pot"?
  13. Zedgmer

    Automatic Script

    yes bro, i have limit to publish in @soffter second after posting this, you answered me, I leave the post the same to see if anyone else can help
  14. Zedgmer

    Automatic Script

    Hello, can someone help me how to do this sequence automatically in a script? Game guardian help is not helpful, they told me to learn to create offset script but I can't find anything about it 2019-11-14_11-05-48.mp4
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