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Nice little online game often updated. It has funny physics and you can be awful with others or be the victim due to player collisions enabled.

Nitro cheat (maybe you'll find some more):


You can also easily cheat nitro, it's a float value between 0 and 1. This is the last value of the function, just search for this and scroll down a bit: 50;200;0;3;0::25


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    • By Rastakiwi
      Name of Requested File: Robots coop
      Link To Download:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.swallowstail.robotscoop
      Is the game server-sided: Maybe some values are on a server (ammos, in-game points...), but it also might be an client anti-hack I think (it closes the game).
      Comments: weapon's prices easily hackeable, with round number (if hosting the game). An APK with hack menu has been posted on internet for this game, it can make you invincible, change speed of walk, give in-game points etc.. And I'd really like to know how to do that on GG.
      PS: There is a 444 444 xor encryption for some values.
    • By Detoxvenom
      Name of Game:Avabel
      Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk):https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.asobimo.avabel_gp_b3
      What cheat? Health, xp, gold...:999,999,999 gold and or gems (clearly not possible), infinite HP, infinite Mana (works with GG but kicks you after a amount of seconds), exp, jxp, damage x20 (nothing to crazy), drop rates, movement speed, speed hack to work without kick.
      Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: Infinite Mana and speed hack both work, however after like 30 seconds sometimes less you will get a communication error.
      Comments: game is modable, I was able to change other values besides mana, but nothing would work with the new values.
    • By Fatel5
      Today am going to share the hack for the latest NFS No limits 2.4.2
      First of all start the GameGaurdian app then start the game. Let the game load properly then search your present GOLD amount in GG with DWORD and tick the - the value is encrypted option then search. You'll get loads of values ignore them for now. Return to your game and earn some gold by racing. Then search again the new GOLD value REPEAT this step until you find 10 or less values. 
      Now there will TWO very large values, save them and ignore/delete the rest.
      Now go to the second saved value and GO TO its memory address, select the value then edit it in DWord format, just change the last digit first (just to check) suppose the value was 22,374,367 just change the 7 to 8. Then return to game and earn some gold again to see the increased GOLD. Dont hack too much and i'll not be responsible for any ban to your account. Happy hacking 
       @NoFear confused where to put this post.If i violated any rule please lemme know.
    • By Goodiesboom
      Name of Requested File: Motor World: Car Factory
      Link To Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ohbibi.motorworldcarfactory&hl=tr
      Is the game server-sided: No, but has a strong iapp tho no need
      Comments: I dont need gold or oney cheats, i  want to know how to increase chances of getting car parts from mystery cards and getting a specific worker from employee packs (in order to unlok specific workers)

      To simplify what i just wrote i want to get some specific characters and cars that are only unlockable through getting their parts from mystery boxes and the characters from employee packs. 
    • By MrNob0dy
      So the GameGuardian is an alternative to Cheat Engine but for android. And this does not work with online/flash games, because is obvious that the game is server sided and you cannot manipulate the offline data or it's synced back to normal when it finds connection(some times is working, but eventually you finish with ban.) So the way for cheating in online games i talk for flash payer based is with proxy debugger like burp or fiddler the content is encrypted so you need to change it first decrypt it and then encrypt it again to manipulate the values this can be done on PC, imagine if there was a app for that and you can do it on mobile phone..?