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    • By nio04
      First, i am very beginning at this lua script hacking. And i am running sooo trouble doing every search (group, basic search, finding stuff)
      The reason i knock -- i hope someone here, can help me, how should i run these codes!!! or how to do these stuff (practical). or basic rules, how things should be done
      the tuts r here... is direct. impossiblefor me, to understand
      if someone r so friendly amd know about how to find stuff and modify them then plz knock here. i will install any other social media to join and have some conversation with you about it. 
      plz i do it for my curious. only education purpose. 
      And lastly, veryy soory for my bad English.
    • By TheDroidDemon
      PAX3 ORBITAL REMIX APK (Updated:03-07-2019)
      - Custom Splash Screen
      - *Rocket* replaced *Missile*
      - Unsigned (Use APK SIGNER from PlayStore To Install)

      DOWNLOAD HERE: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AOtMl9FofvcLJF-X1FdqPI7onpchHJcu
      * Let me know what you think i should add in the comments. *
    • By HoChiMinhCity
      I can't add 4 function. please help me
      thank many
      A = gg.alert('☆Nguyễn Trung Thái©☆','?️AK gỗ tường','?️Dao hero','?️LDB Kill ')
      if A == 3 then goto ldbbt end
      if A == 2 then goto dao end
      if A == 1 then goto Akice end
      goto edit

    • By RazarX
      Hello admins, can you help me? Im using GG on Mobile Legends, but im disconnecting in the game after i changed the value of damage? what can i do to not disconnect ingame? Thank you.
    • By Robchoc
      I have just come across this YouTube channel that has lot's of tutorials for Cheat Engine.
      By watching these I have learned more about how GG works and how to hack games.

      I highly recommend this to anyone.

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