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Found 4 results

  1. So, in this game it gets really tiring toward the upper levels (85+) trying to figure out the correct sequences and patterns to use to beat a level when you have a 5 heart limit. Furthermore, who is seriously going to pay $5 to get an extra three cards one time and hope that one of those three cards is able to help you finish the level? Well, I got frustrated and finally decided to cheat around level 104. This method worked with DaxAttack, not sure about Game Guardian. I use DA a lot at this point as it seems to have better functionality with a bunch more games than GG does. I just come on here to share my findings no matter what client I use just to ensure I share the love with everybody Start the cheat client (DA or GG) Start Solitaire Blast Ensure you have your full 5 hearts before going any further....unless you don't mind letting both clients run for 30 minutes waiting for another heart Open the GG or DA client and search for Number: "5" using Size: Auto....The value is actually stored as a 4 byte variable but sometimes these cheat clients can only pickup values if you search for Size: Auto and not by a specific variable size Once you get your list of a googolplex of matching response values, go back to the game Play a level and abandon it....do not beat the level Navigate completely back to the map and wait for the side panel to become visible and ensure you now have 4 hearts and the timer is running Open the cheat client (GG or DA) Search for Number: 4 Size: Auto Once return values are displayed, go back to game Start another hole (same or different, doesn't matter) then abandon it. Navigate back to map once again and ensure you have 3 hearts left Open cheat client again Search for Number: 3 Size: Auto If needed, complete this cycle another time or more until you are left with 1 or 2 results. My client returned two results, one was a 4 byte, I moved this to 999 and the other was a 1 byte which I moved to 99 Go back to the game client, the timer for heart regeneration may now say "Full". This is a GREAT sign even though your hearts quantity is listed as the same as it was (3 hearts in my case) Go play a level and abandon Go back to map Congrats! You now have 999 lives! ***Important Side Note*** After I closed the game client, I left DA running. Anybody that paid attention while playing Solitaire Blast will realize there is no Exit functionality built into the game. Even after you hit home on your phone, the game still runs (complete game client, not just background tasks) in the background until you force close, clear RAM completely, or reboot your phone. I left it running in the background while I typed this up. After a few minutes, I got a message saying I was running "Cheat Software" and to close it to continue. If this happens, ignore it. Just close the Cheat Client and Game Client, open the game back up and you will still have 999 lives. You will need to redo this if you end up losing your way through all 999 lives.
  2. Name of Game: Bunny Skater Game Version if known: 1.4 Name of Cheat: Carrots Cheat Search Regions Needed: 4byte Steps: Open both Bunny Skater, and GameGuardian. Go into the store. Search your current amount of carrots. Either spend some carrots, or gain some. Search your new amount of carrots. Repeat this process until you get 1 value. Change it to whatever you want. ________________________ Name of Cheat: Lives Cheat Search Regions Needed: 4byte Steps: Open both Bunny Skater, and GameGuardian. Start the game. Search your current amount of lives (before you start). Lose a life. Search your new amount of lives. Repeat this process until you get 1 value. Either change, or save the value as whatever you want.
  3. Another game helper here successfully tested via DaxAttack (DA) and being supplied as information and for testing for Game Guardian (GG). This time, it is infinite lives (hearts) for Bubble Witch Saga 2. Follow these steps as they are written: Start Cheat Client (DA or GG) Start Game Client (Bubble Witch Saga 2) In game, navigate to map and ensure you have a full 5 hearts before moving forward Open Cheat Client Search for Number: 5 Size: Auto Wait for results to populate Go back to Game Client and start a level Fail level on purpose Go back to map and ensure you now have 4 lives (hearts) Go to Cheat Client and search Number: 4 Size: Auto Repeat steps 3 through 10, matching the search criteria "Number" with the number of hearts you currently have until you are left with only up to 5 results populating in the Cheat Client then move to step 12 Change the values of all results in the Cheat Client that are 4 Byte Variables to "999" Return to Game Client Nothing will appear to have changed at this point. So....get angry, get frustrated and go suicide another level before rage quitting the game After committing suicide once again in a level, go back out to the map, look a the upper notification bar and smile really big Enjoy your 9,999 lives Another awesome cheat from your buddy: ProgrammerInTraining
  4. Name of Game: Colormania Game Version if known: 1.1.5 Steps: Make sure the game is closed. Open a root enabled file explorer. Navigate to: /data/data/air.com.generamobile.colormaniaguess/com.generamobile.colormaniaguess/Local Store Open the file "player.jso" with a text editor. For unlimited lives, change the value after the "lives" value to whatever you want. For No Ads, change the value after the "adsRemoved" value to 1. For unlimited hammers, change the value after "hammers" to whatever you want. For unlimited brushes, change the value after "brushes" to whatever you want. To change what level you are on, change the value after "level" to whatever you want. Save the file with your changes, and open the game.
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