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  1. I checked what is firmware, In the nutshell you mean my software is outdated to run specific hardware and programs. So I updated my phone or root it.
  2. Thanks for advice sir, So from your side it means the only problem is with the Firmware sir.
  3. Sorry for bothering you sir, I have tried all other virtual space app but non of them worked. And I'm a newbie in using game guardian so I don't know much about it so can you tell me what is Firmware and how I can troubleshoot it. Additionally I have Moto M mobile with Android 6.0 marshmallow, 4 Gb RAM. I hope my device is not creating any problem for me, please help sir
  4. Hello, I'm facing a problem with memory range feature when ever I select a game on game guardian and open memory range option it shows [0.00B] in front every range, So whenever I execute any .lua script or any hack it responses as if hack has worked without any loading but it doesn't work in game. I have Game Guardian v70.2. Please help me sir I'm not able to hack Asphalt 8 Airborne unlimited money. I even clicked a screenshot of this situation
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