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  1. Im tryng to search but dont have any results if i search: 1,936,283,164;1,867,281,513;1,917,088,879;7,565,423;33;26:89 the program cant search if i search: 1936283164;1867281513;1917088879;7565423;33;26:89 0 results. somebody can helpme please?
  2. hey guys i have the new version of simcity buildit and i canot modify items on neomarket for war items or modify bulildings prices for keys simoleans and more any solution????
  3. Yes i know. So i want to clone
  4. I want to clone my City. Can you helpme?
  5. I want to clone my City too. Can you helpme please?
  6. Hi all! I have a city hacked. I was wondering if it is possible to increase the battle range without being banned. if so, would it be possible for someone to explain to me how? I was searching but I did not get any information. I do not speak English correctly therefore it is more complicated. my apologies. Thanks in advance.
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