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  1. Ya same here .... As said above I’m only looking for war item supplying.
  2. I’ll admit I’m not sure I can digest all this yet I’m trying ...Can anyone here help me out ... maybe stock a depot on the legit side of mag items..... private message me maybe if you can help.
  3. What’s a safe amount of sim cash per day to stay undetected. I just want to purchase war item to feed to main city. Soo pissed.... Right when I finally figure out how to use neomall trick too dam EA.... Also best method if u can share PM me.
  4. I’m having the same issue... game dead ... when making code edits to neomall items.
  5. Using ver 86.3 (15505) getting game dead when trying to edit neo mall in Sim City Build It ..... just started last week. Some kind of game protection? Anything to help combat this? Uninstall game or Gg help maybe?
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