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  1. Hello EnYby,, Please Fix Record Script, but Finish record script is canot open,,
  2. I think this bug. Ok thank you very much sir.
  3. Why do I use languages other than the original English like this, in native English there are no problems in number separators, namely (,) _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later I not like a number separator with (.), I want my GG to be Indonesian but if I use Indonesian I have to use (.) for number separators.
  4. Sir, why am I replacing other than original English, in searching for a number separator, that is (,) must be changed to (.)! This is very problematic for me, please correct all languages.
  5. Thank you very much,, Now it works ... Fix 73.6 ????
  6. Yes,, This video please watch : For Logcat: GG_logcat_r73.5_13925_7.1.2_25.log
  7. I've tried but still can't. I'll make a video if still don't believe it.
  8. Help fix. 720_30_1.42_Feb102019.mp4
  9. Why? Old version is work but new version is Notice protection in the game ??
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