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  1. They must have added some anti cheat mechanisms this year cause I can't find any values like I used to. The values were always Dwords in the past years games and I've even gone to searching all types but still can't find anything. Every year until now I was able to find the coins value easy. Unknown Dword search > Sell a card for x coins > Go back to search and do N = O + X search, then value is found. Nothing else I try is working either. Buying packs and searching for decrease, trading coins between second account etc. I was also able to figure out how to duplicate players and other stuff but none of it is working this year. Haven't found any videos or guides on how to hack it this year. It's so hard I've given up for now and using the most inefficient coin dupe method with a backup app. Any suggestions or tips on how to find the values are helpful
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