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  1. lvy

    Help with disabling auto clicker detection

    OK so I've tried about 50 different apps this week, hardly any of them worked and the ones that did got detected too, is there any recommended app or way to tell which apps can simulate that kind of tap?
  2. lvy

    Help with disabling auto clicker detection

    It detects when I am using the clicker. I can have it installed and open but not using it. As soon as I start the auto clicker tap sequence it gets detected and the prompt comes up.
  3. One of the games I play requires fairly repetitive tapping, and in a recent update they made it so that auto clickers are detected for every game mode. I have been able to bypass it sometimes by spam tapping the prompt, it works for about 2 mins but then the prompt just gets spammed right back. I was wondering if it is possible with GG to disable this prompt and/or auto click detection completely so I can keep using it. Or any other solutions without using GG, if it doesn't work. Figure this is one of the few places I can get help with cheating. In the meantime I am going to mess around with the auto clicker app and see if I can do it that way. I've already tried searching for changing values after closing the prompt, and I was only able to get it down to 300 addresses. I tried freezing all of them but the prompt still popped up the next time I tried, then the app crashed.