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  1. @bukandewa sir, how to make code to blocking load, blocking unluac, and blocking autodecompile?
  2. anyone how to make value code in script to blocking unluac and blocking "LOAD" and blocking autodecompile?
  3. hi all, i have a question, an encrypt model that works on game guardians? i want to make encrypt.lua
  4. hi @Cooperb I have a question, how to decrypt script with unluac?
  5. AfifHeroes

    LUA scripting

    which function do you mean? function if BY11 or function WH ()?
  6. AfifHeroes

    LUA scripting

    i don't know, i am a newbie
  7. AfifHeroes

    LUA scripting

    please help me, i dont understand, i am a newbie, please help me
  8. AfifHeroes

    LUA scripting

    I tried it and this happened
  9. AfifHeroes

    LUA scripting

    Have I tried, why instead like this?
  10. AfifHeroes

    LUA scripting

    I don't understand what you are saying, can you give me an example? @Enyby
  11. AfifHeroes

    LUA scripting

    Thanks @Enyby _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later why did this happen? please help me
  12. AfifHeroes

    LUA scripting

    please help, what's wrong with my script?
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