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  1. Hello all, I recorded a simple script that change a value, and it does not work (I just clear the useless loop because apparently the recording tool does not really record what your do, too bad) : -- Script generated by GameGuardian 86.3 (15505) at 2019-09-20 10:06:36 for DB LEGENDS [com.bandainamcoent.dblegends_ww 1.37.1 (107)] -- Lua help: http://gameguardian.net/help/ -- options local scriptName = [=====[Script for DB LEGENDS 1.37.1]=====] local scriptVersion = '1.0.0' local scriptAuthor = 'User' local startToast = '' -- 0 - no check; 1 - check package only, 2 - check package and build local checkTarget = 0 local targetName = [=====[DB LEGENDS]=====] local targetPkg = 'com.bandainamcoent.dblegends_ww' local targetVersion = [=====[1.37.1]=====] local targetBuild = 107 -- functions -- init gg.require('86.3', 15505) if startToast ~= '' then startToast = '\n'..startToast end gg.toast(scriptName..' v'..scriptVersion..' by '..scriptAuthor..startToast) if checkTarget ~= 0 then local info = gg.getTargetInfo() local check = false local current = false if checkTarget >= 1 then check = targetPkg current = info.packageName end if checkTarget >= 2 then check = check..' '..targetVersion..' ('..targetBuild..')' current = current..' '..info.versionName..' ('..info.versionCode..')' end if check ~= current then gg.alert('This script for "'..targetName..'" ['..check..'].\nYou select "'..info.label..'" ['..current..'].\nNow script exit.') os.exit() end end local revert = nil -- main code local v = gg.getListItems() v[1].flags = gg.TYPE_FLOAT v[1].value = "9999999" v[1].freeze = false v[1].freezeType = gg.FREEZE_NORMAL So the main code is really simple as you can see, but it does not work... Any idea ? Thanks.
  2. Note that the game is ptraced (mainly to prevent debugger to be attached to the main process). If it is the case on your phone you cannot cheat at all (game just crashes on search).
  3. CodeKiller

    Archero game

    Try with the tutorial here : Archero mod menu (AMM) (#qwoh7el) But, again, if ptrace is attach to the game it will crash it in most of the cases.
  4. You must use a version without ptrace, depends on the phone I think. Or find a modded version of the game but you will loose sync with your account and the progress will be linked to the APK.
  5. CodeKiller

    Archero game

    You can install VirtualExposed then install GG into VirtualExposed. Activate the virtual access in GG at launch screen and you can attach it to all standard process. It will just be running very slowly. But it will work only if your phone does not have ptrace running with the game (it attaches to the process and in most of cases if you try to detach it it will just crash the game).
  6. I tested the version of Archero I get with this "trainer" and it works for the store, so you can enjoy merging item to have purple gold version (10 purples after opening about 25 chests... imagine if you use real money to get gem... >_>).
  7. He is right. The 102 version does not detect GG (and is PTrace free) but can only be played offline. For all interested I found a PTrace free and (permanently) modded version, send me a PM.
  8. Still not working because of PTrace (if you cannot attach to the process you cannot do anything on it so...). OnePlus 3, Android 9, Archero 1.1.2, GG 83. And I don't get the point of playing Android games on PC through emulator...
  9. Still cannot work... Simple reason is that Archero is Ptraced... Don't see how you could bypass that. I will continue my method with old version of app (no ptrace).
  10. CodeKiller

    Archero game

    Ok for the scroll. Here how it works : Weapon : 30101;1;X::9 Armor : 30102;1;X::9 Ring : 30103;1;X::9 Pet : 30104;1;X::9 So if you search that before finding one you should get 6 results, if you find scrolls you should get 9 result. So, for the X values, you will have in order : - the number of scroll win in the current game - your current stock (change not taken it into account) - 1 don't know what it is but don't care So for example : you know you get some scroll but don't know which one you can search for the 4 scrolls (30101 to 30104). You see that for 30104;1;0~~0::9 you get 9 results. Actual result, the first "2" in the list is the number of Pet scroll I just found. 1001 is the current stock value. I change the 2 for 999 and just commit suicide. Easy way to get scroll in levels (based on number of monsters killed I think) is the 3rd Chapter (as shown in the capture) because of the way the Chapter is design with huge number of monsters per "Level" it means you will probably get 3 or 4 times scrolls before the end.
  11. Would also be interesting to have the latest version with detection cleared as now the server prevent the game to load on the network (and network mandatory to open a game).
  12. For the 3010X thing, the X is the (internal) number of the scroll, I think it is fixed, like 2 is armor. I guess it is the same order as you can see in the inventory, Weap 1, Armor 2, Ring 3 and Pet 4. Can someone confirm a rule for this thing ?
  13. CodeKiller

    Archero game

    Withe modded version (don't know for original one) you can use speed hack to get free chest and "member" rewards. Just turn off network, speed hack, turn on the network.
  14. CodeKiller

    Archero game

    For the energy, at a certain point the game will ask for network and reset it to 20. I find a way to level up faster while in dungeon, you can hack your current level (not exp for now, juste level number). So you keep your level at 1 then the XP will grow faster (and gain 2 level at once sometimes). With that you can have 20 upgrades when you should have 10 in a normal game.
  15. CodeKiller

    Archero game

    Hey. Thanks. Will give it a try. Is it still allow synch chest etc?
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