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  1. CodeKiller

    Hungry Dragon

    By mistake they uploaded a v1.17 without ptrace enabled. Sadly they update the game again to enable it back... If you still have 1.17 then you can cheat as you want. If it is the case, it would be nice to backup this version somewhere and share it with us. ?
  2. This is also game dependent. I have some games that will try to "resume" for the number of second it was frozen, so you will see the game accelerated after the pause.
  3. You should not use it anyway from start so... Like trying to cheat in Overwatch... Seriously guys... Some less multiplayer games are already banning players even if they cheat in solo, so...
  4. What's the point of just speeding up the fight ? That does not give any real advantage for this game as everything else is limited. Anyway, it works on my device with latest version of the game without doing anything special. Try to go to GG settings, speehack intercept, check all, then speehack functions check all App and Java.
  5. Multiplayer game where (almost) everything is read from server in real time, so... good luck. ? Basically the more the game is asking for money, the more the devs add anti cheat system.
  6. Even more when someone ask money to "recover" your account... ?
  7. For example : if you already have items A B C D and E, you could do a group search for these quantity (A;B;C;D;E:40 in Dword for example) and perhaps you can found a "1" when browsing the memory you found "(go to" button when you edit a value). This is how I search value for a lot of "idle" games when you can unlock things in a specific frozen order, values are just stored in the same order in memory.
  8. This has nothing to do with ptrace... ptrace is a function used to monitor (real purpose) an other process. So hiding GG is useless. The problem is that developers use it to prevent hacking in the game as to use memory editor the process of the cheating tool must attach first to the game process (to monitor it) and you cannot do that if an other process is already attached to it. So you can only use GG on ptrace game on few kernels that allows ptrace to be killed/detach from previously attached process when you restart the main process of the game.
  9. CodeKiller

    Hungry Dragon

    Like soneone says in the thread a working (but messy) way is to use a modded apk, unlock everything and try to upgrade the game again. After one hour I even managed to link the hacked savegame with my FB account so the game think I just play in a regular way. Unfortunately the gem thing is very protected and only gold can be saved/synchronized. I think the game (or the play store itself) registers how many gem you purchased and restores them each time you load a savegame for the first time (with network enabled). So in my case I always go back to 24 (amount won in game minus amount spent no matter the number I spent with the hacked version).
  10. perhaps it is just the game that does not store the real number at the address you see. lots of them just use a regular address to "display" number on the screen and an encrypted address to store the real number. so you think you get the address but in fact it is just the displayed one and it is useless. which game ?
  11. CodeKiller

    Help me

    It just (should) means you forgot to close the bracket { }. gg.choice({ <-- opened here So, did you close it ? We do not have the full code so cannot see the end of the method "choice".
  12. Ok in fact after I posted my previous comment I continued to search and find out. ? For your nickname you can be called "newbi(e)" juste for fun so... ?
  13. Figured out that 28000 is the max prize of items. Thanks again, so now I am a bit more experienced with that. ?
  14. Ok I see what you mean with the XOR key. You mixed the X8 syntax and the value itself in the same post so I was a bit confused. So how can you search for the red gem directly ? What is the X value to use for the key 444444 ? I am trying to be as good as you are, so if you can enlighten me ? Thanks for all !
  15. I almost never used XOR search but the XOR key you give is way too high to be used, (XOR key is 2 bytes value, 65535 max). For GoldX8 I get it. Edit : for blue gem it is the same as for gold in fact. BlueGemX8. Why trying to modify the cost when you can modify your current money ?
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