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  1. You saw that I asked "except from virtual space" ? :-)
  2. Hello, Apparently the game detect GG is installed as soon as it run. Any idea except virtual space? Thanks.
  3. Oh ok I see. I guess it could be possible to look at the game files but it is huge work (modify a file is not really the same as editing memory) and sadly I don't have this time (it is hours of investigation when you don't know what to look so...).
  4. "seed" ? Hum I am trying to see what you call "seed" (my game is in FR) but I don't see anything related to that... All I can say is that everything outside a battle is managed by the server. This is why you always see at the bottom right corner the "Connection". Because everything is always compared to server to get only current event, etc. For the ranking/stars of characters if I put 9999 for example, my "local" game won't display the "rank up" screen. It will just continue to increase, because on the server side, the real value is still the previous one, not the displayed one. So again, unless there is a bug in the game (the server retrieve local values without checking if they are good), you cannot hack value stored on the server. Month ago the only hack I found useful was the "full mission/challenge" complete one. Meaning for each fight, whatever you did (even lose) you would win with all the missions/challenges. Sadly I don't know how to reproduce that just with memory editing as cheating/debuging on android is a pain in the a** (just switching from program to program, GUI, etc. is way harder than on computer game). Perhaps the game detects, while you are in battle, if you fulfill mission without asking at the server (I think the popup is displayed even before the server is requested at the exp screen), but I am not sure at all...
  5. I tried to modify it, I cannot level up the rank, and if I go back to title it retrieves the real value. I still say until I get a video to have proof it is not possible to hack server side data (like crystal generator etc. just bull****...)
  6. For the image : 403 Forbidden Ok I will look at that when I have time. But still, it is strange (you can always make false picture so...).
  7. Show me where you saw that. I have 14 stars on some char, it's not a cheat. But if you find someone with a Goku SSJ4 14 stars...
  8. Ok, I forgot to mention a VERY important point, which is clear for me from my experience so, sorry for that, but you CANNOT change anything stored on server. Basically EVERYTHING about your stats in the game is locked. The only thing available "offline" (on your side, client side as we say in computer science) is the temporary stats for a battle. That's all. So, no, you cannot make all your char level 5000 with all boost, all stars, etc. In the same way, no, you cannot change crystal, souls, etc.
  9. Honestly as long as you know what is memory editing, there is nothing "confusing", perhaps you just don't know how it really work (and it is not a crime of course, everyone needs to learn at a point) ? I cheat in game that way since 15 years on PC games and I can tell this is not really "confusing", it is just boring compare to some games where each value is unique, easy to find in dword, etc., perhaps try to find a real tutorials in "stupid" games to understand how it work in a general purpose (even on computer if you own one, it is the exact same thing on Android the tools is changing that's all, and for information on Windows you can use Cheat Engine which include a real tutorial from easy simple value to pointer of pointer, you can even cheat in Solitaire for training purpose ). So, "confusing" things is when you start talking about encrypted values, pointers, assembly, injection, allocation, registers...
  10. Hello and welcome to GG. Since version 2 there is more work to do to easily get correct values, don't know why exactly, but now max HP is like duplicated 80 times in memory... while before that it was about 4-8 times... So my previous post explains some info about what you can easily do with GG. Example: 1. Current HP Let say you have 1,932,711 HP left. Search can be : 0D;1,932,711A;0D;0D;0D::21 You will get most of the time 1 result, perhaps 2. try to freeze the float value to see which one is your HP. The aim of group search is to avoid to get too much result if your current HP is the same as your MAX HP. "A" type is to manage to find approximate float value (still don't know.why A will search for any float around the value you type but F will only find exact value... for a float it is a bit stupid as a float is almost never exactly what you see on the screen, anyway... 2. Damage boost If you don't know your max HP, search for your current HP, then go to memory region, you will see some lines after that your MAX HP. Just above your max HP there is a DWORD number (most of the time small one, like 3000 or 5000.). This is a damage boost, if you change it to 200,000 you will likely kill your opponent is a few hits. I forgot to capture the result for this one but on the previous image after the 0 0 0 0 if you go down a bit you will find these values. 3. Basic stats When you know your max HP, let say the same value as before. Search for 0D;500,00A;0F;10D::16 the 0F after the max HP is kind of boolean (if you are not familiar it is like a switch, 0 means OFF 1 means ON). If you change it to 1, you will have infinite HP and it will display 999,999,999, if it is not like that, check an other result, you should have at least 2 results, the first one is often the one to change. When you find these values, if you go to memory view you will see your char stats (you can compare them easily with the detail view of your char). Will be 4 floats, for example something like 200,000 200,000 180,000 180,000 (all in FLOAT) for a level 5000 SP. If you don't want to cheat too much you can change these 4 values to 999,999. You can think it is a huge boost, but in fact, not, in most of the events (like rushes) this won't change anything like instead of dealing 300k damage you will deal 350-400k. Previous capture show at the first line the 1F I already changed and the 4 stats values. While you are in this memory region, you can go down a bit, and you should noticed the critical hit of your char, and the ki regen speed with 3 (I thought it was 4, strange) small float values, between 2000 - 5000 most of the time. You can change them to 99,999. At the bottom of the basic stats you previously found you should also find 2,000D (seen on previous capture), it should always be this value, do not change this one. Instead you want to have some fun without changing other stats you should see a series of 3 zeros just between the critical hit values. Change them to 999,999 (DWORD not float this time) to have a shield that prevents your char to be knock out by standard attack and blocks some damages (specials and ultimates will still hit you). You can see the shield in action just above. After the 2,000D you should find a series of 0. In DWORD you can change the next 6 zeros to 200,000 to have damage and defense boost. Have fun !
  11. Yeah true. I don't see how you get newy enemy in fact? Because HP are changing and location in memory is not linked between enemies. You do only one search from the first HP the user type but that is all. Or miss something? I see you get other value from the first result but the memory is not the same so without a new search it cannot find the HP of 2nd and 3rd enemy. I know the value are in Q format in the first results but no new search?
  12. No because of the way the game manages HP. Like when you counter it stay at 1, same forbthz rush or whatever the name in English if you look at HP the enemy will stay at 1 until animation finish because it needs to check what is the status next, like some enemy in smthe story mode you cannot defeat even with 10 millions damages. So unless someone find the code in memory that check the winning condition. It is already the case as some modded apk does that, but I guess the author won't share anything... The same mod also allows to win all challenge without doing anything so it is possible but don't know how just with memory editing.
  13. You search for the (max) HP. If you are at start of a battle, you should get at least 4 results. Among these results, you must find the one that looks like (when you go to the memory viewer - tap on the HP, go to, then look at the memory order) the same I described. The : HP 0 FLOAT etc. is the order of bytes in the memory viewer. So the 4th bytes after the HP (basically if you just display DWORD and FLOAT it is the line after the HP) allows you to activate a god mode. Example of my Beerus EX in fight is attached. You can see on the third image the match with what I wrote before HP FLOAD 0 STAT1 etc.
  14. I may have found something. Group search : 118D;0D;0D;0~~0F;0D;0D;0D;0D:3000D::33 0~~0F = Current HP 3000D = some kind of coefficient for global damage So you can freeze the HP (cannot increase it, in case of damage, while GG reset the value it will still go down from the max HP so there is a way an enemy can one shot you if the damage is too big) and set the 3000 to 200000 to almost kill anything without any issue (I don't know how high you can go on this value but 200 000 is enough to kill a level 4000 with a HE poor char in some hits). So a simple script that do the search is already a good progress as it is enough to win a battle. Perhaps add a clear saved to avoid keeping some frozen values, for consistency purpose.
  15. Hello, I was trying to see of any pointer could be useful but it is way too long to search for that in a consistency way on this kind of game. All pointer I found are fixed, like fighters data. The game is very poorly design, there is no memory cleanup (pain in the a**...), you can see that by entering a new fight and still see the previous stats you modified... By the way, there is a real godmod included in the game, when you search for the HP value, you should have the current (perhaps equal to max at the start of a battle) and 2 other one. One of the value will give you a structure like : HP 0 <-- This value can be set to 1, like a boolean but in float format (yeah... I know)... And no matter your curent HP they will become 999 999 999 and you will be immortal. FLOAT 0 Stat 1 Stat 2 Stat 3 Stat 4 8 times 0 FLOAT <-- This one and 3 next float corresponding to ki regen (99999 means instant Ki) and doge refill time (at 99999 you can doge all attacks). 3 times 0 <-- If you set that to DWORD value you will have a shield (yes, there are shields in this game, like physical, energy, and choc I think), shield will adsorb part of damages (even you put 999 999 you will still be injured FLOAT 0 FLOAT 0 FLOAT ALWAYS 2000 ! Next 5/8 DWORD (did not test all of the value) represent a bonus damage to each of your attack (simple, physical card, energy card, choc). There is some more value at this spot but It is way too long to test everything in a timed battle. By the way if someone know how to freeze time... I did not figure out how it is stored. Perhaps millisec or sec, don't know.
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