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  1. avalanchePT

    change of address by another

    I would like you to say if you could change some roulette item for this character
  2. avalanchePT

    Game Guardian tutorials - GameCheetah.org

    I was looking for and I did not find
  3. avalanchePT

    Game Guardian tutorials - GameCheetah.org

    as I can search a percentage with the guardian of the game. An example: a hidden energy value that can be changed using an energetic and that energy increases by 40% of the energy value. I hope someone helps me
  4. hello good night people. I would like to know how I can find the addresses of a paid character and trade him for a free character by releasing the paid character. I apologize for any errors I found using the translator
  5. avalanchePT

    xor value

    humm ok bro
  6. avalanchePT

    xor value

    Could it be more explicit? I'm new to gameguardian: /
  7. avalanchePT

    xor value

    Good morning / good night / good afternoon how xor works I would like to learn how it works and everything can help?
  8. How did you find this flaw?