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  1. Request: LastCraft Android it is posible ?
  2. It is easy I did it on the first try. First get like 100 gold. on the base Do the fuzzy search then buy a antidote for 6 gold and repeat the fuzzy search but now you will see a few taps like increase decrease ect. Hit decrease. Repeat the potion buy and fuzzy search until you get a total close to 100 values on this part you will need to multiply your gold amount for 7 after that you will have to remove the total of 1,527 of the total of what you got first and this new amount you got should be The values that you're searching on fuzzy search. You should have a minus value change it to 50000 buy a potion again and you will see the new amount of gold
  3. Hi guys I am trying to hack this game with game gameguard but the only thing I can change its the visual values on gold and rubies but I can't change the physical values I can't find any thing on the internet or on this forum or even on the Discord chat anyone please can help me or show me how to do this, I have try everything that I can understand and even ask others guys and adm. But no answer. Thanks on advance
  4. I am trying to hack gold on caves (roguelike) for android with GG nonroot but nothing happen please any help
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