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  1. You can directly change blue/purple crystal value you just have to make sure 2 values are the same at the same time. One of the 2 values is encrypted with xor tho here's what it look like There's no way to make it free with GG you might change it to make it look like it's free at most but that's it. There's another way to get the hero you want tho You just have to group search number of materials you have in your bag e.g. on my screenshot I have 999 materials 5 times in a row so I search 999;999;999;999;999:17 Once you have the right value you just need to go to the value's address scroll down a little and you'll have the id for every materials you have in your bag. You just need to fidle a little with them and you'll easily figure out how id work. (Materials id range between 101 to 719 and You need to restart the game to summon them) Chest drop rate can be changed 0.259% is just 259D and 4.900% is simply 4900D So with a group search you can find them and change them. For weapon you should just upgrade weapon to find level once you've found the level value go to the address and change id and level When you know weapon id you can just do group search to make it faster. (2505, 2511, 2517, 2523, 2529 are the id for best weapons) Fell free to ask if you didn't understand something but if you don't know how to goto address or what Xor or group search is then there is a great guide in GG just go and read help in GG, there are also guides in this forum if needed.
  2. Newbi

    Help Warrior Saga

    I can try but if most data are saved on server I won't be able to do much. Btw add the link to download the game just to make sure I got the right game.
  3. i played a little more and it isn't always 1 negative number and a positive number they can both be positive but it's always the sum of those 2 values, the value between them is randomly generated and it doesn't seem to have any use for us. and the structure in the memory around the money values should be like this(obviously "???" means idk) : 65537 Hero level Experience Gold Available skill point Available talent point Honor ???? ????? Strength Intelligence Agility Current hp Current mp everything is for the main character and lumped togheter btw it's the same encryption for everything so : value1 value2 value3 value 1 + value 3 = what you have
  4. I'm not on wats app also I can't teach you anything the only thing I'd be able to do is redirect you to link/topic I read to know how to use GG. Hope you get better luck with the other 2 tho xD
  5. There are 2 useful values for gold, one is a random negative value and the other is negative random negative value (if you forgot --1 = +1) + your owned gold, each time your gold change the random negative value change too so to easily edit a precise amount you can just edit the random negative value to 0 like in the screenshot. I don't plan to look for static values near the gold values or pointers that points to a value near gold values so rn the only way you can find it is fuzzy search change/unchanged but at least you know the range and type. Btw I didn't try much but I think every values are encrypted this way.
  6. Also you made a typo at some point you wrote Sword instead of Dword
  7. Nice work here. Btw you don't need to copy the address to use offset calculator you can just long press the values and select offset calculator this way you only have to enter the offset if you already have the address in front of you.
  8. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5977654/lua-bitwise-logical-operations I got no clue if this will be helpful but whatever. :x
  9. This is just a guess but maybe you have to earn a certain amount before being able to have that amount. Because with my first account I had to earn those millions before I knew these values and could edit them to that amount. But I don't really want to play this game so I'll let you try it yourself xD
  10. My accounts got banned Idk why tho. I had 2 accounts one for testing/searching fixed values near encrypted values and the other was for verification so idk if they got banned because I kept switching between them or because I edited the gold/gems anyway I'll make one last account and I won't do anything till the 3rd day and I'll see how it goes.
  11. Well with group search and some testing. The price is also encrypted in 3 values and I copied some values that were equals to 0 in the memory and pasted it onto the price values. Btw don't get your hope up if it doesn't work you get nothing.
  12. My account is signed up with my google account so I don't log in with username and password. I didn't do any pvp but I can still sync to server with this account. Anyway so I tried to make a new account for you and I changed gold/gem but I got banned when I changed the stela thing to free and tried to buy When I tried to open the stella code I got banned and I couldn't sync to server anymore so I went and made another account but this time I only changed gold/gem and I can still sync to server meaning that the currency for stella code is probably what got you banned. So now I'll wait 2 more days to get some of the currency for stella code and I'll try to change it like I did with my first account. If it doesn't work anymore then you'll have to make do with everything non server sided.
  13. It's connected to my google account and i'd like to keep it. But is there some save for this game ? if there is i don't mind giving it.
  14. as you can see I still have my account with all my currencies and here I just edited the blue currency and bought some chest with it so now I'll wait until tomorrow to check if I'm banned or not. If I'm not banned then maybe you edited the values without pausing the game and only one value at a time and made the game crash(they might have added some ban if values are incorrect idk before it only crashed the game) And if I'm banned then they prob just updated the game and added ban for directly changing the values.
  15. maybe they updated it ? or maybe i did my edit in offline mode then i saved reopened the game then went online to save it on server ? idk sry i'll check if i still have my account one day and i'll let you know xD.
  16. I had every currencies at a decent amount and bought every chest for hero fragments and when fragments changed I find the values for those and changed the fragments to 1000 or 2000 and also did the same for items you need for upgrade. If you ask me how I did it I can't help you :x it's been too long for my brain. Wait now I'm not sure if items are also encrypted in 3 values or not. Anyway good luck with this game, I could do it so you should be able too.
  17. The values are encrypted but idk how but if you want to exploit the game then just hack stamina get gold save the 3 encrypted values for gold before buying anything and after you bought something or you don't have gold anymore you change all 3 encrypted values to what they were before. And you'll easily stack gold up. Btw I don't remember that well but I think every currency are encrypted in the same way so you can use gold values for the rest since gold is easy to get. Here you can copy the values in my screenshot it should be high enough to enjoy everything without having to earn anything btw I just checked in my screenshots and currencies/items have all the same encryption.
  18. I didn't try more than that since this game doesn't seem encrypted at all, the values are just and simply times 2 so if you have 180 attributes point you search 360 in known Dword that's all. I hope you understood with this ^^'
  19. @Pamelaughingstock I didn't play this game since last time so idk if they updated it or not but if they didn't then you can either use Xor key ( I explained how to use it above) or you can use this Xor search basicaly you search your value and you add "x4" if the xor key is 4 bytes away from the xor value and in this game it is. I'll give you an example so you can understand it a little better : you have 25 gold - search "25x4" in known Dword - change your gold value to anything in my example it'll be 20 gold - search "20x4" in known Dword - keep doing the same stuff 'till you only have 1 result left ( it'll be an encrypted value !) - edit the last result to "999999x4" if you can't understand with this example then i'll share some step by step screenshot.
  20. 10,000 +1 or -1 I don't remember btw you can't have the same reward twice in the same quest. So don't go trying to change gold into holy water when there's already some holy water as reward. I feel like you missed this point so I'm bringing it up to you again.
  21. Find the holy water with 9999;9999;1::9 if you have more than 1 result then do the elimination 'till only one is left then you change that 9999;9999 'till you get to weapon.
  22. Well for your addresses I used an online hexadecimal calculator, just take the last address minus the first address and you get the offset.
  23. The results you get with offset is in hexadecimal and you need to add 1 to the offset for it to work as range idk why tho, so if there's 16 bytes in between the first value of your group search and the last one you need to enter :17 as range and I hope you didn't ask what range means right ? ^^'
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