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  1. i have seen people that cast the special skills without cooldown and see people with 999.999.999 mesos, and some even said they can hack crystal i have tried but fails, everything reverts back, and ideas? willing to pay a token of apprication
  2. any updates? i have been trying but no luck yet, maybe i am too lousy
  3. qword for most value, cant edit too T.T would be nice if any cheat works for this game
  4. i am trying to start to hack the silver, then follow by diamond for silver, i found the value encrypted in Dword, float and double, seems weird, some other player are able to hack it but not me i have decrease my silver 1 by 1 for a few time and try to calculate the different in the number reduce (cause its encrypted), example 256, i will add 25600 to the original value, but its just visual but when fighting with monster, i am able to change their HP to 0 using Double i was thinking silver/diamond maybe server base but someone is able to hack them, any ideas?
  5. xiaoya

    Pokemon Quest

    sorry newbie here, need help please i am able to search the ingredients using Dword (encrypted) and freeze them so the ingredients will not reduce when i use them but am i able to change the number of ingredients i have? how can i change it please help below are the picture of the 5 ingredients
  6. xiaoya

    Pokemon Quest

    number : Number '000' out of possible range: [-128; 255]. this message shows when i search the ingredients by byte
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