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    Pokemon Quest

    So I figured out a few stuff on my own. To modify base stats remove all Power Stones and search in Word for its base stats, either HP or ATK. Add a power stone to change the value of it's stats and refine your search with the new value. Usually within 1 Refine you will be left with 3 identical values of the stat. Modifying these does nothing. Go to the Address of the last of the 3 values. scroll down a bit about 20 values of that address and you'll see a value equal to the base stat. Modifying this one works. For the ingredients modification, it's kind of weird. There are 10 ingredients, All of them are in Word however 5 are actual values and 5 are shown as 255 or 256. Last time I did this Tiny Mushroom and Bulk Berry are in 255 values that's why you can't find them when searching. Apricorn has it's actual value in Word, at least for me, so it's easy to find. I think the actual values and 255 values change between ingredients every time you restart the game but don't quote me on that. So try other ingredients if one doesn't work. Note that you have to cook something to be able to find the address not just place it in the pot. Anyway once you find one of the actual values go to it's address and if you scroll up or down you'll kind of see a pattern. If you see zeros you scrolled too far. The way it works is they go in cycles. You're going to scroll up until you see 0s. Scroll down from the last zero before seeing other numbers (about 40-41 values) until you find a value of 255. That's your first ingredient, change it to 259 (Higher than that and the game shows a ?). Scroll down 7 values, you'll see a value of 24, you can use this as a reference while scrolling. 6 values below the 24 you'll see a number equal to the amount of one of your ingredients. Change that to a max of 999. 14 values below that you'll find another 255, change it to 259. And so on. Here is how it's gonna be: 0 . . --40/41-- . . 255 (Max of 259) . . --7-- . . 24 (don't change) . . --6-- . . ***** (Max of 999) . . --14-- . . 255 (Max of 259) . . --7-- . . 24 (don't change) . . --6-- . . ***** (Max of 999) . . --14-- . . 255 (Max of 259) . . For the mystical shell, I was not able to find it before reaching Happenstance Island, I was able to modify it after.
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    Pokemon Quest

    How did you freeze the cooking materials? Only thing I was able to do was use the speed hack.
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