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  1. But these files, there seems to be a profile entry system. 11.lua
  2. Can you decipher this script? YIC new script v1.29 (1).lua
  3. Help decipher this script! From pmh. 11.lua
  4. At me displays a script, and how to make that gg read and fulfilled a script? What command?
  5. Hello everyone, I want to learn how to make the script network authorization (login). Need hosting? Do I need to use the LuaSoket library? Explain, please.
  6. This script can not be decrypted by anyone, not the leading Encoder Enyby, nobody: I'll even give you the password. Password: 55889966 BlackMagic_free_script_v1.lua
  7. Do not demolish LuaR, the value search history is hidden. I can not decipher the script in any way. I will be grateful to the person who will explain to me how to decipher it. CrashHack_2_6.lua
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