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  1. Appreciate your work and was sad to see your YouTube channel was gone the other day. Wanted to see about a mod APK for 1.8.2 sadly I just don't feel comfortable with anyone else's stuff. I need my Anonymous1000 back lol. Only trusted what you posted with APK mods. ? Thank you for all you've given previously as well.
  2. Hello. I'm Lee, I creep on here every once in a while as I find many things that game guardian can do interesting. I wish I could find more free time to become proficient with the coding, script creation or just other aspects for fun. Instead I just live vicariously through most of the content here. I especially enjoy modified game apks and truly appreciate the work that is done when it comes to hashing out everything you have to. So here is just my thank you to all of you who I have never met before, but use your work. ?
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