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  1. You have to try all the addresses if you didn't have result on the first one. This worked on me earlier and i finished assembling the chopper. I didn't finish my atv because i accidentally uninstalled the game. This actually works just try and try (until you die jk)... But seriously it does.
  2. I used the lua script in this video, followed the method for the store and used Anonymous1000's item code. But the titanium bar and landmine is useless after bought. The store is not free and you need coins. Just beware of how many your are buying cuz you might end up filling your inbox with too much stuff. That's all and thank you.
  3. I have already found a way earlier on how to get everything on Anonymous1000's list. I've done this by using two lua scrips.
  4. Anyone Has skills to hack this game. Name of Requested File: Modern Strike Lua Link To Download: Is the game server-sided: Definitely Comments:
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