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  1. Will this also prevents PUBG from detecting hacks and banning users?
  2. Mister. Why do you have to sell your script? We are so happy to donate to you so please don't sell it
  3. Upon reading, I think that Snapdragon Chipsets will work on Wallhacks and so on. I assume you don't have Snapdragon Chipset?
  4. Hi. Can you explain further why Wallhack won't work on Emulators/PC? Thanks
  5. Hello mister. May I know what is "White Eye"? Also, do you have a wall hack that sees players through walls?
  6. genopot

    The sims mobile

    Hello. It is still working as of now with 9.2.1.xxxxx
  7. genopot

    The sims mobile

    Hi. When you got the 2 9-digit values, click the top value and press 'goto', then going up from the first 0d; value <- this is the one you will be editing (Cash) value 0d 0d 0d value 0d when editing the value, try changing it into 0 or negative/positive whatever the state. Then try navigating into your Sims' Cash if it changed, then if it is, try spending the value you need to REVERT it back so there won't be any errors that will happen in your account. Then ENJOY my friend
  8. genopot

    The sims mobile

    Luh. There's a video posted in here. Don't you think you should watch it and see for yourself those 9-digit values? Why such rudeness does exist in this world. Seriously.
  9. genopot

    The sims mobile

    I only want to give you some hint about the instruction: "If you have no such results, close game and retry." I wish you read this line. And YOU'RE WELCOME. EDIT: I even had to retry for 13 times just to have the 9-digit results.
  10. genopot

    The sims mobile

    Dword search: 1;0;1;2;0;1;3;0::137 0;0;0;1;3;0::37 1;3;0::9 0 Then save results. 1;0;1;2;0;1;3;0::137 0;0;0;1;2;0::37 1;2;0::9 0 and save results Goto saved list. Select all. Change address location by 4. Now scroll through the list. Look for two 9 digit values beside each other. The address location should end in same number. If you have no such results, close game and retry. Goto address, compare to the video, the FORMAT should look very similar, not the values. If above you see 1 and 1, you are at coins. 1 and 2 is cash. 4 lines below the value in save list is the encrypted qty value. Think of the value encryption like this. if you have 0 coins, and value is like -688123456, just drop the negative or if not negative, make it negative. This will make values massive quickly. Confirm edit worked buy buying something. Next line below value, is a value that going to be below all important values. Copy and search value. Save results. Change address -4. EDIT ONLY ONE AT A TIME... and extremely high risk of breaking game if you edit something beyond what isallowed. No joke, you can and will break your save.
  11. genopot

    The sims mobile

    Hi. I am in the step 5, I don't get the 1 and 1 / 1 and 2 things that I should see. Can you please explain to me further? Thank you!
  12. genopot

    The sims mobile

    I did, should I check HEX?
  13. genopot

    The sims mobile

    Hi, but there aren't any 9-digits in the result. I don't know why but I am sure that I did all you instructed.
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