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  1. This doesn't work anymore, It doesn't give any results. Is it possible to get a update for this?
  2. Stay polite man, no need for such words. We're all waiting, not only you. Best you could do is let the man do his thing and accept that you can't have it asap. You have to wait for the good stuff in life.
  3. Well, Actually, NoFear is gonna post a video later for gems and stuff so we wouldn't need a speedhack anymore. But untill he does, When you skip time, just wait untill "Connection Error" pops up. my game freezes for about 5secs and then it shows me that. Then just put a "-" infront of how many seconds you skiped. I Only use GG so i'm not sure if its the same as with NOX
  4. I don't know about IOS, I think they don't use GG(?) If they do, I'll try to help as good as I can and this video is not from me. Found it while googling. Wich window do you mean? What he is doing in the video is searching the value of how much energy you can buy 10;30;60. Then when found, he only searches for the 60 (not sure if it makes any diffrence when searchong for 10 directly but to stay safe, I just followed what he did) Once he finds all values that are 60, he changes them (I did 10 at a time, didn't count how many he did) to 120 (mini. GG/ closes the energy shop and opens it again too see if the value changed) If it doesn't change then "Revert selected values" because it might or probably will crash the game. Delete them from your list and go on with the next 10 untill the 60 Energy changes to 120. After you found the 60 Energy value ( in video he changes it to 100k to make sure its really is the value he is looking for) Search for the address - after that he goes 11 values above the one he searched for. You should have the same one as he dooes when he goes 11 up "30D; 4.2038954e-44F;" thats for the 30 energy. After that, go from there another 11 up intill you find "10D; 1.4012985e-44F;" thats for the 10 Energy that cost 20gems. Change that Value to 100.000 (not sure if it effects the game if you use a higher number) Then go out of the shop and back in and you should be able to buy 100k Energy for 20gems. Then go back to GG and revert the address to how it was befor. I hope this helps, I suck hardcore at explaining. The best I could do with my skills at understanding. Cheers mate.
  5. This is the Video for the Energy Hack, you'll need atleast 20gems. Its also very simple to follow. Also for the Speed hack to work. Use it normally and when it says "Connection Error" just use the speed hack again but put a - infront of the numbers. Ex. If you used 9300 to skip 2h 35m then when Connection Error pops up, use -9300 and Retry. Your game might Freeze when doing the Quest but a Quick restart and it works fine again. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4p1crefil6dg2kx/Harry Potter [Energy hack] %23ALPHAGAMERS.NET.mp4?dl=0
  6. The only thing that works for me is is the old money hack but instead giving it a high value, put everything to 0. Then you can buy the item you used the "value" with for free but its a pain in the a. to always keep using. Stamina is also fairly easy to cheat but other then that, nothing seems to work.
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